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Man tries to kill himself, rescued by railway staff

Ticket control staff at Danapur railway station in Bihar have rescued a young man who had scaled the roof of a locomotive in a bid to kill himself. It looked like he wanted to touch the overhead high voltage wire.

One of the staff crawled to the engine and threw a shawl around the man’s neck and pulled him to safety. The man appeared to be unconscious as the railway workers around him arranged for a vehicle to transport him to hospital.

The chilling 28-second video of the daring rescue was shared on social media platform Koo by the Ministry of Railways. The caption read: “Indian Railway employees set an example of humanity and conscience.”

In the past, too, there have been cases where railway personnel have saved people from the jaws of death.

Last year, a Maharashtra railway official risked his life to save a child who fell onto the tracks as a train approached the station. The incident happened at Vangani station. In CCTV footage, the child was seen walking over the edge of the platform with another person. Suddenly, the kid loses his balance and falls on the rails. The railroad switchman, who was present at the scene, sprints towards the boy and rescues him in no time.

In another incident in 2018, Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel at Kurla Railway Station in Mumbai rescued a man who was attempting to take his own life. The man lay down on the rails, causing a commotion. RPF personnel and other passengers jumped onto the tracks within seconds to drag him to safety.

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