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MAP Esports Network, CEO focuses on diversity, inclusion and understanding cultural differences in gaming and the metaverse


Morgan Stanley Esports Business Association Esports Business Symposium

Esports Connected - Esports Trade Association on the MAP Esports Podcast Network

Esports Connected – Esports Trade Association on the MAP Esports Podcast Network

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MAP Esports Network, a media, esports, gaming and metaverse-focused company.

College Sports, Esports, Gaming, and Metaverse offer great opportunities for positive social impact.

We must act to help and support various at-risk children in esports, games, robotics activities, and competitions to prepare them for careers and positively impact society.

— Jacob R. Miles III, CEO, MAP Esports Network

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS, USA, May 19, 2022 / — Jacob R. Miles III, CEO and Founder of MAP Esports Network will speak at Morgan Stanley Global Sports and Entertainment Group and Esports Trade Association’s Esports Business Symposium, May 19, 2022. Register here: He will bring his vast experience, leading the esports, video games, toys, multicultural media and entertainment industries, to the Esports Business Symposium’s Diversity in Esports panel. An informative session where he will discuss best practices and opportunities for brands looking for cost-effective ways to boost their support for diversity, support at-risk youth and have a positive social impact through esports, games, robotics and the metaverse.

Many companies have spoken publicly about social issues such as bias in esports, artificial intelligence, female leadership in technology, and racial and gender diversity. “Today and in the future, we need to recognize that economic status impacts new technologies, play, learning and earning opportunities. We need to act on this recognition by helping diverse at-risk children to participate in esports, gaming, robotics activities and competitions and thus prepare them for the careers of today and tomorrow and have a positive impact on society.Said Jacob Miles, CEO of MAP Esports Network

The positive outlook for the future growth of the tech employment industry is real! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tech jobs are expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations. E-sports, games, robotics, coding, programs, and competitions can play a major role in preparing various kids for tech, low-tech, and non-tech jobs.

Jacob R. Miles III, the founder of MAP Esports Network and co-founder of Cultural Cohesion Code, a consultancy that helps students and young employees crack the code of diversity and social norms in the context of a sports team. CCCode programs promote the principles of global citizenship with a contemporary approach to addressing misunderstandings of cross-cultural challenges. Jacob’s story includes being part of the team that launched SEGA video game systems in America and pioneering television and film property licensing for toys and games in the 1970s. He is also past president of NAMIC (National Association of Multiethnicity in Communications) for the Dallas-Ft Worth area.

He is a veteran of leading and impacting diversity and inclusion in his career while working on some of the world’s leading gaming, TV, film and toy properties. His career spanning three decades includes stints at Kenner Products, General Mills Toy and Entertainment Group, TONKA Toys, SEGA and Hasbro. He has worked on Star Wars, Starting Lineup, SuperPowers, Figures, SEGA Game Systems, among others He has worked with LucasFilm, Tuskegee Airmen, Bandai, Motown, Warner Bros, DIC Entertainment, NFL, NBA, MLB, Hallmark, American Greetings , HBO, BET among others.

About the Esports Business Symposium
Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment (GSE) and The Esports Trade Association (ESTA) are launching their first esports business symposium. The virtual experience will include a series of programs and conversations covering a myriad of cutting-edge gaming and esports topics. It will kick off on Thursday, May 19, 2022 and kick off at 11 a.m. ET.

About MAP Esports Network Inc.
MAP Esports Network, Inc. is a media, entertainment and metaverse-focused content development and distribution company with community touchpoints that reach mainstream and grassroots audiences. Physical and digital touchpoints include publications, events, podcasts, videos, esports league, teams, blockchain games, collectibles, mentor-based game centers, municipal and retail organizations that support underprivileged children through STEM and STEAM initiatives, esports, video games, robotics and coding contests. MAP Esports Network is the founder and creator of Project Family – Bridging the Digital Divide through esports, gaming and robotics, events.

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