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MassRobotics, Pittsburgh Robotics Network and Silicon Valley Robotics Form Robotics Cluster Alliance


MassRobotics, Pittsburgh Robotics Network and Silicon Valley Robotics formed the United States Robotics Cluster Alliance (USARC).

USARC supports the development, commercialization, and scale of robotics for global good by collaborating with government and industry stakeholders.

The organization will develop and pilot robotics mandates in the United States to provide:

  • Increased collaboration and communication between US robotic clusters
  • Enhanced support and success for stakeholders and startups
  • Targeted advocacy for the robotics and artificial intelligence industries

Tom Ryden, Executive Director of MassRobotics, said, “The development, commercialization and scale of robotics technologies, software, hardware, systems and components is accelerating rapidly, and the vision to use robotics and automation to provide meaningful solutions to previously intractable challenges is a reality.

“USARC will amplify the collective voice of our industry, innovative startups, partners, and stakeholders with the goal of ensuring ever-growing engagement with academia, government, and industry to support American leadership in robotics.”

In an effort to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, USARC and its members will support:

  • Sustainability through a myriad of robotic applications, including agritech, energy efficiency, recycling and climate change
  • Revitalization of local industry and economic development through the growth of robotics clusters
  • Relocate more robotics and artificial intelligence companies and initiatives

Joel Reed, executive director of the Pittsburgh Robotics Network, said, “The robotics industry is uniquely positioned, with the right government support, to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“We face issues such as an aging population, lack of access to arable land and clean water, and climate change resulting from inefficient energy production and use. Robotic technologies are very successfully addressing these issues and contributing to a healthier society – and we can do so much more with a unified approach.

The US robotics industry represents the fastest growing geography and activity in the world. In 2021, investment in robotics and automation in the United States exceeded $20 billion, or 60% of total global investment.

Additionally, robotics startups are thriving in the United States, with 28% of investment deals going to start-up companies. Each of the robotics clusters within USARC has achieved tenfold or greater growth over the past decade (based on the number of companies in each of the clusters).

Andra Keay, CEO of Silicon Valley Robotics, said, “The role of robotic cluster organizations must grow to keep pace with the rapid expansion of robotics in the United States. Our organizations have always worked together informally, but now collaborate strategically to increase the productivity and sustainability of the American economy.

“The United States is the global thought leader in robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence, and we apply these technologies both for the common good and to address global challenges.”

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