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Mobile Network Operators Want Clearer View of Network Performance and User Experience to Generate New 5G Revenue | VanillaMore

Quebec, Canada – While 88% of mobile network operators (MNOs) are set to roll out autonomous 5G (SA) in the next two years, many are still looking for the tools that will allow these networks to generate revenue for businesses and industry. This is according to the results of the joint research of Heavy reading and EXFO invs., the experts in testing, monitoring and analysis of the communications industry.

EXFO worked with analysts at Heavy Reading to survey mobile network operators in North America and Europe to understand their approach to 5G SA and the revenue opportunities it presents. Almost half (49%) of mobile network operators plan to deploy 5G SA within the next year, while an additional 39% will deploy 5G SA within one to two years.

The main drivers of the 5G SA deployment are the support of improved consumer offerings such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mobile games; accelerate the marketing of new services; and offer slice-based services.

While 76% of mobile network operators believe service assurance will be necessary to sell advanced 5G services and meet strict service level agreements (SLAs), operations teams lack visibility into time real impact of breakdowns and degradations on customers, whether human or “machine”. (Critical and latency sensitive applications and devices, such as emergency services or factory robots). 65% of MNOs say this lack of actionable information prevents them from automating networks and fault resolution, which are critical to meeting demanding performance expectations in business applications.

Specifically, most MNOs said they need a range of new tools and capabilities to generate revenue from 5G services:

  • 86% say they need real-time network intelligence, service and quality of experience
  • 85% say they need to be able to monitor performance by department and device.
  • 81% say they need AI-based anomaly and fault detection, as well as root cause analysis.
  • 82% say they need end-to-end network slice monitoring.

“The opportunity to generate revenue from 5G SA lies in automated networks, which means service providers must adhere to enterprise service level agreements. This survey with Heavy Reading reinforces what we regularly hear from our customers, mobile network operators want better service assurance and analytics to provide actionable insights into network performance and user experience, ”said Philippe Morin , CEO of EXFO.

“This is where EXFO’s unique adaptive approach to service assurance comes in. By taking a source-independent approach to data collection and analysis, combined with a fully cloud-native architecture , our service assurance platform integrates with existing and new 5G systems to provide a unified, end-to-end view of customer experience, devices and network performance.

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