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Mom caught on camera throwing abuse and swinging a broom in the next row | United Kingdom | New


Elaine Reid was convicted by Liverpool Magistrates’ Court yesterday of engaging in threatening behavior towards her neighbor Sarah Rasmussen after a long-running dispute between the two. The court heard that Reid and Miss Rasmussen had an argument outside their home in April. During the argument, Reid shouted a homophobic slur at Ms Rasmussen’s son before grabbing the broom and swinging it at her.

CCTV video of the incident and mobile phone footage was shown to the Liverpool Echo. The video shows the incident unfolding as the argument escalates.

In one video, which has sound, Reid, 62, can be seen running up to her neighbor and insulting her as other family members hold her back.

She can also be seen abusing John-Paul Brooder, Miss Rasmussen’s son, pointing at him and saying to Miss Rasmussen, “Is that the one you dressed as a girl?”

A second video, which captures the latter part of the incident, shows Reid grabbing a broom Miss Rasmussen was using to sweep the sidewalk before trying to swing it around. His son then grabs him and pulls him away from the scene.

Magistrates heard there had been tension for months after Reid and a number of other neighbours, all of whom had lived on the road for years, began to feud with Miss Rasmussen’s family. In court statements, Miss Rasmussen said she quit her job due to the stress of the incident and her mental health suffered significantly.

Mr Brooder said Reid’s actions made him feel anxious and ashamed of his identity.

Simran Garcha, defending, said Reid apologized for her behavior and accepted it was completely unacceptable. She said Reid had struggled in the previous months to deal with the ongoing feud with Miss Rasmussen, in which she claims to have been embroiled after seeing Miss Rasmussen treat an elderly neighbor in a way she felt unacceptable.

Ms Garcha said Reid told her she “just broke down” and that after months of tension she now felt remorse for the way she had acted. Reid was supported in court by a number of other neighbors yesterday as she appeared in court and was given a 12-month community order.

A restraining order will prevent him from contacting Miss Rasmussen.

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