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Most Home Security Camera Owners Fail to Get the Most Out of Their Devices


Smart security devices have made protecting your home even easier. Traditional CCTV systems were out of reach for most homes due to the cost, but also the complicated installation that required a professional.

The best home security cameras and video doorbells are more wallet friendly, can be self-installed, and don’t need cables lying around your house. So it’s no surprise that one in five American homes have a home security camera, according to the security site. from recent home protection survey.

However, only 41% of consumers who own home security cameras, security systems, or smart doorbells pay for a subscription service to go along with these devices, the latest Home Automation Ownership and Use Report from NPD Connected Intelligence, reveals.

This means that many of these devices are unable to provide the primary reason for investing in home security devices in the first place – storing video of any activity that occurs within the camera’s field of view so that it can be considered at a later date.

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Majority of home security cameras and video doorbells on the market today allow you to log in from an app on your smartphone and view the live feed from the camera. They even alert you when motion is detected… but most don’t allow you to view those images at a later date, unless you pay for a subscription service, which stores the images in the cloud.

While the presence of home security cameras on your property can certainly deter burglars, and the live feed can provide peace of mind if you want to check in on your property at any time when you are not nearby. , for many of us, the real reason to spend on these devices is to be able to review the footage at a later date.

Modern life is busy and most of us aren’t glued to our smartphones, so it can be easy to miss an alert. And if you don’t have your phone nearby, it might not be convenient to check the notification. Several times I received an alert that someone was at my front door, but I was unable to converse with the person on my doorstep because I was in a meeting.

In other cases, I’ve also struggled with spotty Wi-Fi meaning the stream just won’t load. So once the meeting is over, or I have a better signal, being able to review the alert footage is extremely helpful. This means that I don’t spend all day worrying that the motion alert I received was actually someone breaking into my property because watching the live stream from the camera cannot. that give an idea of ​​what is going on at that time, and it may not be immediately obvious if something untoward has happened.

Some home security cameras, such as those from Swann, Eufy, Blink, and Arlo, offer the ability to store footage locally for free. While certainly in the case of Arlo, images stored locally on the base station cannot be viewed through the app. Instead, you will need to remove a Micro SD card from the base station and plug it into a computer or other device, if you want to review the footage – a tedious and tedious process.

However, these subscription services offer more than just cloud storage for videos. You also have access to handy features that can help reduce the number of false positive alerts about camera or doorbell issues. For example, identify whether the movement was created by a person, vehicle or animal – or set activity zones so that you are only notified of movements detected in those zones.

The idea of ​​an ongoing subscription cost may not be particularly appealing, especially when the cost of living goes up and we are all looking for ways to save money; but when it comes to a home security camera, you might find that you are missing out on the most crucial reasons to invest in the device in the first place.

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