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Motorola Solutions to Upgrade Taiwan Police Network


Motorola Solutions is helping prime contractor, Mercuries Data Systems Ltd (MDS), upgrade Taiwan’s National Police Agency to a new strategic communications network.

The project, with a total contract value of US$128 million, will focus on Taiwan Police Communications Bureau, National Police Agency of the Ministry of Interior.

Motorola Solutions says the four-year project will provide a secure and resilient private communications system to support public safety and security in Taiwan.

It says the upgrade to advanced, digitally encrypted radio communications based on the P25 standard is the most significant modernization of Taiwan’s critical communications system in nearly two decades.

Motorola Solutions says it will provide police departments, civil defense and other specialized units in Taiwan with better coverage, new security features and stronger links to enable seamless communication between cities and regional areas.

National Taiwan Police Mobility Communications Section Chief Li Guan Ying said the upgrade will bring significant efficiency gains to police departments, improving communication and operational capabilities.

“Taiwan has seen significant urban planning and development in recent years, which has transformed the environment in which we operate,” Li said.

“Our new radio system has been designed to keep officers connected to secure and reliable communication at all times and in all circumstances, from underground train stations to busy urban areas and beyond,” he added.

Motorola Solutions says the upgrade will expand communications through its secure platform, WAVE PTX. The company says the advanced service will instantly connect teams across different devices, networks and locations, allowing multiple public safety agencies to collaborate with instant voice and data communication over broadband networks.

Motorola Solutions Vice President for Asia-Pacific Steve Crutchfield said the upgraded communications network will meet the daily needs of Taiwan’s public safety agencies while providing greater flexibility and resilience to cope. event peaks and disasters.

“The new communication system will help Taiwan’s police departments respond to public calls for help more quickly, accurately and confidently,” he said.

“Public security agencies must also be ready to react at any time. With the WAVE PTX platform, Taiwan’s public security teams, volunteers and other frontline workers will all be able to connect to instant push-to-talk communications anywhere and anytime, regardless of either the type of device they carry or the network they are connected to. ”

Motorola Solutions offers public safety and corporate security. The company says its solutions in land mobile radio communications, video security, and access control and command center software, enhanced by managed and support services, create an integrated technology ecosystem to help make communities safer and businesses to stay productive and secure.

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