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Murder of Noor Mukadam: closed-door hearing to release CCTV footage of incident requested – Pakistan

The lawyer for Tahir Zahoor – the owner of counseling and psychotherapy service, Therapy Works, and a defendant in the Noor Mukadam murder case – on Wednesday asked an Islamabad court to hold a hearing. enclosed during which CCTV footage of the events leading up to the murder is played.

Noor, 27, was found murdered in a residence in the capital’s upscale F-7/4 sector on July 20. A first information report was filed the same day against the main accused Zahir Zakir Jaffer – who worked at Therapy Works and was arrested from the scene of the murder – under section 302 (premeditated murder) of the Pakistani Criminal Code. on the complaint of the victim’s father, Shaukat Ali Mukadam.

Six Therapy Works officials, including Zahoor, were also named in the case later and they were charged along with six others, including Zahir Jaffer’s parents, in October.

During today’s hearing, Zahoor’s attorney Akram Qureshi verbally asked the court to release CCTV footage of the incident, saying it would clarify many details.

He added that “the images had gone viral earlier and the matter is within your knowledge.”

Qureshi also asked the court that the cross-examination of the footage be conducted in a closed-door hearing.

At this, the judge of the additional sessions, Atta Rabbani, said the case would be considered.

CCTV footage of the incident was leaked last month, following which the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority banned all satellite TV stations from broadcasting it.

Previously, the prosecution in the case submitted the transcript of the CCTV footage to the court.

Arguments sought on the formation of the medical commission

At today’s hearing, the court also sought arguments from the parties on December 15 on a request to form a medical commission to determine Zahir’s mental state.

The claim, made at the final hearing by Zahir’s attorney, attorney Sikandar Zulqarnain Saleem, argues that Zahir “suffers from a serious mental illness which is to be determined by a licensed medical board in accordance with orders from the legislature and of local and international law ”. .

He says the accused is a chronic patient with mental health or schizoaffective disorder due to drug-related psychosis and that the same was true at the time of his arrest on July 20, when Noor, 27, , the daughter of a former Pakistani diplomat, was assassinated.

For these reasons, the lawyer had asked the court to authorize the establishment of a medical commission to determine the mental state of Zahir Jaffer “in the interests of justice”.

Cross-examination and witness statements

Prosecutor Hassan Abbas and counsel for the applicant and the accused were present at today’s hearing. Eight of the defendants, including Zahir’s parents – Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Adamjee – and their domestic staff, also appeared in court. Zahir was also brought before the judge by the police.

However, Basharatullah, Zahir’s father’s lawyer did not attend the hearing.

At the start of the hearing, lawyers began cross-examination of the prosecution witness, Assistant Deputy Inspector (ASI) Zubair Mazhar, who had recorded the statement of Noor’s father, the complainant in the case, and collected evidence of the crime. scene. His testimony was recorded at the last hearing.

After ASI Mazhar’s cross-examination was completed, the statement of Dr Sarah, who performed the autopsy on Noor’s body, was recorded.

She told the court the autopsy was performed at 9:30 a.m. on July 21 – a day after Noor was found dead.

Adamjee’s lawyer later asked the court to allow his client to speak to Zahir, and the court granted the request.

Following this, the court adjourned the hearing until December 15, summoning Shaukat to record his statement and a witness, computer operator Mudassir, for cross-examination.

The petition filed by Tahir Zahoor asking the court to summon the doctor from the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) who performed the medical examination of Amjad, a Therapy Works employee injured by Zahir, will also be considered during the next hearing. .

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