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Navarino upgrades Spectrum to simplify IT network management – Digital Ship


Navarino has introduced several key new features in its software suite, Spectrum, to help maritime IT managers simplify the way they work.

Spectrum provides IT managers with a centralized platform for remote monitoring, maintenance and management of the entire onboard IT and connectivity infrastructure. This includes network devices, satellite terminals, operating systems, applications, and security measures.

Spectrum introduced:

Update manager

Spectrum allows maritime IT managers to download updates and fixes that are automatically deployed to all onboard computers, rather than having to download them individually to each piece of IT infrastructure.

In addition, updates and patches are only downloaded once and then deployed throughout the ship, rather than having to be downloaded multiple times by each on-board computer, resulting in a solution. very efficient which saves time and bandwidth.

Risk management reporting tools

Spectrum’s risk management reporting tool is based on Bureau Veritas NR659 rules on cybersecurity for maritime units. It automatically populates all network equipment on board to provide a complete picture of the equipment, software catalog and network topology and includes equipment connected to both the ship’s computer network and OT assets.

This information can then be downloaded and printed in a comprehensive report that helps vessels comply with the inventory reports necessary for the new IMO 2021 cyber risk requirements and which the captain can easily print out to provide the most up-to-date documentation. day to inspectors.

Customizable network usage

Spectrum allows IT managers to choose which connectivity network to use to download files and when, which means they can schedule downloads using only the most economical bandwidth option and ensure that downloads do not occur during peak periods on board to avoid interruptions.

Navarino Product Manager Nikolas Papanikolaou said: “As with all Navarino technology services, Spectrum is constantly updated based on user feedback. Easily deployed on all Infinity units, Spectrum is here to help our customers work smarter and we welcome any ideas for additional features they might have to help them get a better way of working.

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