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Network Rail, North West and Central Safety and Asset Management Conference launch success


Leading expert speakers, interactive booths and hundreds of attendees all gathered at the first-ever Network Rail, North West and Central Safety and Asset Management conference earlier in May. The conference at the University of Birmingham featured speakers including Professor Andrew McNaughton, GBR’s Anit Chandarana as well as non-executive director Rob Brighouse and security expert Greg Morse.

The conference was a success for attendees, highlighting key areas where the northern rail industry has been successful. The host of the event was Kamini Edgley, Director of Security and Asset Management for North West and Central. She says:

“The event was fantastic – it was a chance for people from across the region and beyond to come together for the first time, to celebrate our successes but also to start moving forward.

“It gave everyone the chance to remember all the things we’ve done and are doing. They include PANDAS technology – preventing and reducing delays, improving safety. Creating a whole new framework of L2 insurance that takes a risk-based approach Collaborate with Works Delivery and Training to design and provide additional facilities to relieve some of the pressure on training like SMTH and serve as sandboxes for local delivery units.

Over the past year, the North West and Central region has built, designed and begun to roll out the 10 point plan that the conference also referenced.

The changes it brings are tangible, lasting and have also seen,

• Over 7,800 site visits saved through collaboration between road engineering teams and regional E&P teams. This increased workforce safety and generated savings of £500,000

• Exceptional skills reduced from over 22,000 to under 6,000

Conferences like these are vital to the rail industry, as they provide a great opportunity for industry leaders to come together and maintain open levels of communication about current and upcoming projects. The changes discussed above are massive improvements, with monetary savings being key to healthy industry growth. The successes highlighted at the conference will help guide best practice moving forward and highlight areas that can be improved in the future.

Kamini said, “The conference was a great success with great speakers and everyone learned and expanded their network. The positive energy with everyone coming together in person and the feedback received from attendees was amazing.

“There was so much knowledge in one room with all kinds of industry experts, from those who had published work to the person working in the delivery unit – it was just fantastic.”

Industry leaders and those working in the rail sector should pay attention to conferences like this, to keep their finger on the pulse of rapidly changing rail trade and standards.

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