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New ANPR camera added to the police network

Police have warned criminals they are more likely to be caught thanks to a new camera that helps patrol officers spot violators on the roads.

A mobile license plate recognition camera system was installed on a car used daily by the Mansfield Neighborhood Police team and is now being used to help fight crime.

Nottinghamshire’s Automatic License Plate Recognition Network allows police officers to track vehicle movements – either in real time when crimes are in progress, or in retrospect during ongoing investigations.

With government funding secured by police and crime commissioner Caroline Henry, the force was able to make substantial improvements to the local network in Mansfield.

Part of a larger £ 462,000 grant to Safer Streets, the money was used to add cameras to routes entering and leaving the city.

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To complete this high-tech crime-fighting puzzle, a new camera has also been fitted to a car that almost always drives in and around the city center.

The camera can automatically detect vehicles listed on the national police computer network and alert officers. It can also provide the network with real-time information on the location of other wanted vehicles.

The implementation was led by Detective Inspector Jonathan Naylor. He said: “The improved capacity of the ANPR at Mansfield has already delivered over 1.2 million readings and identified a number of vehicles involved in crime leading to the recovery of a stolen vehicle and arrests for aggravated burglary. “

Inspector Nick Butler, Mansfield District Commander, said: “The Automatic License Plate Recognition Network is truly an invaluable police tool because it allows us to accurately track which vehicles are being used (or have been used) in criminal offenses.

“Funding for Home Office Safer Streets, which is also used to improve CCTV coverage and city street lighting, aims to make life as difficult as possible for criminals.

“Improving the local mobile license plate recognition network is another great way to achieve this goal, as it is much more difficult for criminals to get away with their offenses involving vehicles.

“Drug traffickers in particular have reason to be concerned about these improvements, as we are now more likely than ever to spot them and stop them while driving on our roads.

“Car thieves are also much more likely to be detected when our officers are able to track their movements so quickly. Overall, this investment in new technology is a huge win for just about everyone in the region. “

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry said: “As the Notts CCP, I am determined to do all I can to bring criminals to justice. With funding from Safer Streets, we have been able to invest in new technology and equipment that will make life easier for the Mansfield Neighborhood Police team and much more difficult for offenders. Beware of criminals – if you intend to harm and disrupt the lives of hard working people, you will be caught.

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