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New CCTV camera to tackle anti-social behavior in Carlton Square car park gets green light

A new CCTV camera will be installed in a parking lot in an effort to crack down on anti-social behavior.

The camera, which will be placed on a 12m pole overlooking the car park in Carlton Square, is brought by Gedling Borough Council to improve public safety in the area.

It will oversee and monitor properties in the center of Carlton, including retail, leisure and residential properties.

The board approved its own request when the planning committee met on Wednesday, January 12.

Councilor Paul Wilkinson (Lab), who represents Carlton on the authority, told the meeting: “It’s in my neighborhood so I’m very happy to see it.

“I welcome the additional measures taken to combat anti-social behavior and have no hesitation in supporting this candidacy.”

The council’s request says there have been a ‘number of complaints’ about anti-social behaviour, shoplifting and general crime in the Carlton Square area.

CCTV will be used to monitor the parking lot and nearby businesses as a deterrent.

There are residential houses in the area, mostly to the north and east/southeast.

A planning report adds: “The proposed CCTV hub will be placed in the center of the car park, providing good separation from the nearest residential dwellings.

“In any case, the purpose of the camera is not to encroach on the privacy of the occupants but to observe the public domain.”

Members of the planning committee unanimously approved the plans at Wednesday’s meeting.

Buyers previously told Nottinghamshire Live they were in favor of the plan to make the area safer.

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