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New Hope Network honors 7 with new awards for community purpose and impact


The New Hope Network on Thursday recognized individuals and organizations that stand out for their direct alignment with New Hope’s purpose: to cultivate a thriving, high-integrity consumer packaged goods and retail ecosystem that creates health, joy and justice for all and regenerates the planet.

The Community Purpose and Impact Awards, which evolved from the company’s Hall of Legends awards, continue to honor those who have influenced the natural products industry and appreciate today’s innovators who will lead it forward. ‘to come up. The six awards highlight individuals, activists, businesses and organizations.

Ecosystem Award: Kathleen Merrigan

Strategic thinker and fearless, Kathleen Merrigan has championed sustainability in food and agriculture throughout her career. After serving as Assistant Secretary and Director of Operations for the United States Department of Agriculture under President Barack Obama, Merrigan returned to academia and her first love: mentoring the next generation of food policymakers. In addition to his day job, Merrigan engages in food tech venture capital and sits on several boards. She is the recipient of numerous awards and was named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2010.

Health Award: Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, MD

Dr. Low Dog’s vast and varied background in traditional and conventional medicine has made her one of the most respected holistic health professionals of our time. She is held in deep esteem by the natural products industry for the generous ways in which she has helped elevate and deepen the holistic scientific knowledge that underpins the work of brands and retailers across our ecosystem.

Justice Award: Project Potluck and (included)

New Hope recognizes that you cannot have JEDI (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) without action. This award honors individuals and organizations working to bring justice to the natural products industry and the people we serve, so it’s important to recognize two organizations born during the pandemic as platforms for entrepreneurs and BIPOC professionals in an industry that is significantly underrepresented by people. of color, especially at the leadership level.

Project Potluck is a professional community founded by people of color with a single mission: to help people of color build successful businesses and careers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. By providing mentorship and building community, Project Potluck promotes inclusivity and cultivates the diversity needed in CPG natural products.

(included) is a member collective for CPG’s BIPOC senior executives who are dedicated to the success of each other, who advocate for diverse representation, and who are committed to amplifying the voices and brands of BIPOC in our industry.

Joy Award: Jimbo’s Naturally

What makes Jimbo customers happy? Jimbo’s Naturally has consistently delighted its customers over the decades with positive vibes and commitments to business practices that resonate with its community. Jimbo’s provides the highest quality natural and organic foods, supporting local businesses and maintaining a commitment to the environment with smart business priorities:

  • 100% organic sale only in the product and bulk departments.
  • Prioritize local brands and small startups.
  • Do not sell plastic water.

When lasting commitments delight customers in line with their values ​​and create community, shopping becomes joyful. Joy is a state of mind and a state of trust and hope.

Regeneration and Sustainability Award: Organic Valley

Organic Valley embodies regeneration and sustainability. Since its creation in 1988, it has worked with nature, not against it. Before “regenerative” applied to food, this body knew that organic farming replenishes soil carbon; increased biodiversity; and improved soil health, as well as water and air quality. Science now backs up what the company has known all along: when a farm’s natural rhythms are supported by small-scale, family-owned, regenerative organic farming systems, we see more carbon stored in the soil, life more diversity in pasture and more delicious organic options on the shelf.

Through rotational grazing and natural approaches to farming, Organic Valley family farms sequester carbon, restore soil quality and improve waterways. At this year’s Expo West, the company launched the CROPP Carbon Insetting program, which is designed to help farmers achieve carbon neutrality through real-farm carbon reductions and removals. Organic Valley is at the forefront of climate-friendly practices that will accelerate its path to carbon neutrality and aims to be the first major dairy brand to reduce on-farm emissions without relying on carbon offsets. Organic Valley represents the change this world needs.

Price of Prosperity: Midday Squares

It is possible to create business success while demonstrating high integrity and creating a positive impact. We chose our first Prosperity Award winner because this brand proves that success comes in many forms and through many pathways.

Founded in 2018 in Montreal, Canada, Mid-Day Squares hit $1 million in revenue in its first year and is on track to bring in $18 million this year, though it won’t. offers only three references of functional and certified organic chocolate bars that it manufactures. in its own facility.

Last year, Hershey’s played to acquire Mid-Day Squares. But selling the business isn’t in Mid-Day Squares’ plans. On the contrary, its founders, who are all family members, are eager to build a brand and product platform that will challenge legacy players. With their commitment to authenticity and their storytelling skills, the founders share their entrepreneurial journey, building a passionate following.

The Mid-Day Squares family turns heads and wins fans with their music videos, NFTs, game show appearances, and honest and fun digital content.

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