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NUS graduate, 27, installs camera in gym toilet to record other men peeing, jailed 6 months – Mothership.SG

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Sean Lee Yang, a 27-year-old Singaporean, was sentenced to six months in prison for installing a spy camera in the toilet at Anytime Fitness gym in Hillview Rise.

According to court documents consulted by Mothership, Lee had just graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and was unemployed at the time of the incident.

Wanted to film men urinating

Around August 2020, Lee purchased a spy camera disguised as a clothes hook from the Lazada shopping app.

The spy camera had a built-in battery and contained an SD card to save the recorded videos.

Lee intended to use the device to watch men urinate as he had a fetish for such videos, according to court documents.

Planted the camera under the hand dryer

Lee started experimenting with the camera, putting it in the gym’s men’s restroom a few times without getting caught.

He went to the gym at different times of the day about two or three times a week.

While putting on his workout clothes, he planted the camera under the hand dryer in the men’s toilet, facing the toilet bowl.

After his workout, Lee picked up the camera and brought it home.

Would only keep videos of men urinating

At home, he watched the captured videos on his laptop.

Court documents said Lee rejected the videos that did not show men urinating.

He only kept the videos of men urinating and watched them for his own pleasure.

Camera found by gym cleaner

On the night of August 10, 2020, a gym cleaner discovered Lee’s camera.

Lee had planted the device moments earlier by taping it with double-sided tape under the hand dryer.

The cleaner, who entered the men’s restroom to wash it, discovered a dark-colored hook lodged under the hand dryer.

The hook, which was about seven centimeters long, was attached to the wall and faced the toilet bowl.

According to court documents, the cleaner saw the same hook there a week before, also pointing in the same direction.

So, he became suspicious. He pulled it off the wall and found a memory card slot with an SD card and a USB port in the hook.

Upon closer inspection, he noticed that there was a camera in the top hole of the hook, facing the direction of the toilet bowl.

The camera was left in the staff office

The cleaner then handed the device to a member of the gym staff.

During the exercise, Lee noticed a staff member holding his camera.

He then saw the staff member leave the device in a drawer in the staff desk.

Since it was a 24-hour gym, Lee decided to wait a few hours for the coast to clear.

I picked up the camera and threw it away

At around 2:24 am on August 11, the staff member went to the bathroom and the office was left empty.

Lee immediately walked into the office to retrieve his camera, before leaving the gym a few minutes later.

Because he was afraid that the camera and the recorded videos could be used against him as evidence in court, Lee threw the camera and SD card into the garbage chute at his residence.

At around noon on August 11, the Anytime Fitness area manager found the missing spy camera in the drawer.

He then went through the CCTV footage and found that Lee had taken said device out of the desk drawer.

He subsequently filed a police report.

According to court documents, the device and the incriminating videos were neither found nor recovered.

Lee had pleaded guilty to one charge of voyeurism and one charge of destroying evidence.

The defense argued that he was a first offender

The defense argued that Lee was a first offender and regretted his actions, as reported The times of the straits.

But the prosecution countered that argument by saying Lee’s action was not a one-time incident as he had committed the same offense multiple times over about two weeks.

Was allegedly sexually assaulted and diagnosed with a mental disorder

According to Yahoo, Lee was allegedly sexually assaulted in Thailand by his teacher while he was in elementary 3.

Court documents revealed that Lee was diagnosed with dysthymia with symptoms of panic and PTSD, voyeuristic behavior and dysthymia with symptoms of anxiety.

But the prosecution argued that the voyeuristic mental state was neither causally linked nor substantively contributed to Lee’s offenses, and it was his sexual urges that caused him to break the law. .

The district judge said, as reported Today, that Lee’s past experience did not excuse his behavior.

The judge also ruled that probation or a mandatory treatment order was inappropriate, as deterrence was the primary sentencing criterion for Lee, Yahoo reported.

intends to appeal

Lee is currently out on bail and intends to appeal the jail term, according to Today.

For committing an act of voyeurism, he could have been jailed for up to two years, fined, beaten, or a combination of all three.

For destroying judicial evidence, he could have been jailed for up to two years, a fine, or both.

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