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On camera security guard and resident bang each other in UP’s Ghaziabad


Resident and security guard fight at Windsor Paradise apartment complex in Ghaziabad


A security guard and a resident were seen punching each other in CCTV footage of an apartment complex in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The latest scuffle between an apartment guard and a resident adds to a long list of similar incidents reported in Noida and Ghaziabad in recent months.

In the new incident, CCTV footage taken at the Windsor Paradise apartment complex in Ghaziabad shows a man and a security guard arguing for a few seconds before they start hitting each other. A woman tries to stop the man from fighting.

After receiving the first punches, the guard fires back, which seems to enrage the resident even more. He continues to attack the guard. They disengage after nearly a minute of fistfighting, after which the man and woman return to their apartment while the guard walks away.

According to the police, the man came to the apartment a few days ago and lives there. The guards apparently didn’t know.

On Monday, as he was walking towards the apartment, the guard stopped him and asked him where he was going. The resident, angry at the questioning, punched the guard, which quickly turned into a full-blown fight, police said.

Ghaziabad Senior Police Officer Alok Dubey said he filed a complaint against the resident based on a complaint from the security guard.

Just a week ago, a woman from Noida was seen grabbing a guard by the collar and throwing his cap at a small matter. Also last week, a food delivery man and a housing company security guard in Noida were arrested by police, following a fight over entry into the residential complex. On September 11, a woman was seen on camera slapping a guard repeatedly in Noida. In August, a woman in this Uttar Pradesh town near Delhi manhandled and abused a guard for being late in opening the gate to the settlement. She was arrested.

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