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Police, camera, murder: ITV crime documentary release date


ITV’s true crime documentary series follows two UK police forces as they use pioneering techniques to catch criminals

ITV Police’s two-part documentary series Camera, Murder follows police forces in Greater Manchester and Lancashire as they use cutting-edge digital forensics techniques to track down, apprehend and build a case against dangerous killers. The series follows several brutal crimes, which made local news in the last year, and the ensuing investigations to bring the perpetrators to justice.

CCTV footage shows John Swannack, 59, in police custody

What is Police, Camera, Murder about?

Police, Camera, Murder focuses on the role digital forensics plays in solving murder investigations. The series follows detectives as they work on complex Category A investigations – these are those in which members of the public are at risk, the identity of the perpetrator is unknown and the investigation requires significant resources from him. be allocated.

Techniques used in the series to help solve crimes include the use of social media data, smartphone analysis and CCTV footage. These tools have become essential for investigators collecting evidence and capturing suspects.

The first episode of the series follows the inquest into the death of 15-year-old Reece Tansey, who died of a stabbing in Bolton in May 2021. As he lay dying, Tansey gave viewers two names, delving into the Tansey’s social media, officers found two potential matches on his Snapchat history. Two schoolboys are arrested on suspicion of murder, and smartphone analytics and social media are used to connect them to the crime. On one of the suspects’ phones, officers find their smoking gun, which in this case is a picture of a bloody knife taken minutes after Tansey’s death.

James White, 16, arrested for the murder of Reece Tansey, 15

In another case, Bill Howard’s body is discovered in Lancashire – it appears he was tortured and stabbed to death who appears to have been brutally tortured and then stabbed to death, and police are using phone records to track down their suspect . Police used CCTV to track down Howard’s killer, a local drug addict and repeat offender who had previously killed.

The second episode features a dramatic hunt for a suspected serial killer in Greater Manchester, and a murder in Lancashire, believed to have been caused by an online feud, is investigated.

Where is Police, Camera, Murder filmed?

The series is filmed in Greater Manchester and Lancashire and focuses on the two police forces as they investigate separate crimes, both using the latest digital forensics tools to help. Greater Manchester has the highest knife crime rate in England outside of London, with 129 cases per 100,000.

Police, Camera, Murder features Lancashire Police Chief Detective Inspector Al Davies and Greater Manchester Police Detective Inspector Nicola McCulloch and their teams as they work through a series of difficult cases. The series was filmed in mid-2021 at the time the investigations took place.

When is Police, Camera, Murder on TV?

Police, Camera, Murder airs on ITV at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, October 18. The second episode will air simultaneously on Tuesday, October 25 – both episodes are one hour long and will be available to watch shortly after they first air.

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