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Polis signs pollinator protection bill at Butterfly Pavilion – Boulder Daily Camera


People and butterflies gathered in the butterfly dome of the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster on Friday morning to watch Governor Jared Polis sign a bill that will help protect pollinator species in Colorado.

SB22-199 will require a study by the Colorado Department of Natural Resources regarding the protection of native pollinating insects in the state, regarding the challenges associated with native pollinating insect populations, their associated ecosystems, and their health and resilience in the state .

According to the bill, based on the results of the study, the director will have to make recommendations for the protection of native pollinating insects and how to develop education and awareness programs.

The Butterfly Pavilion was the obvious choice to host the signature, as it is a leader in pollinator research and conservation.

“The Butterfly Pavilion works to conserve native pollinator populations by creating healthy pollinator habitats through programs such as Urban Grasslands, which restore open spaces with native plants that support native pollinators and their habitats. , and pollinator districts, which create new habitats for pollinators in urban corridors in collaboration with developers. and extractive industries to create native pollinator habitats,” wrote Butterfly Pavilion Communications and Marketing Director Jennifer Quermann.

Colorado is home to over 950 native species and 250 species of butterflies, necessary for our ecosystem and our livelihoods. Butterfly Pavilion horticulture director Amy Yarger said Colorado is generally ranked in the top five states for the number of bee and butterfly species.

“Colorado is a terrific environment for pollinator species,” Yarger said. “One in three bites of food you take depends on the pollinator species. What people value about the vibrancy of their diets and food security and equity for all depends on pollinators. Even crops that don’t depend on them, having these native pollinators will enhance the processes necessary for crop growth and yield.

Polis was joined by the bill’s sponsors, Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis, Rep. Cathy Kipp, Rep. Meg Froelich and others when he signed the bill.

Governor Jared Polis, joined by Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis, Rep. Cathy Kipp, Rep. Meg Froelich and key attendees after signing the Pollinator Protection Study Bill at the Butterfly Pavilion on Friday. (Sydney McDonald/Editor)

“We’re trying to figure out why we have declining pollinator populations,” Lewis said. “We believe this will help us develop a comprehensive plan across all state departments so we can look at what’s going on and see if we can figure out how to fix it.”

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