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Relationship Marketing for Success – Connect with someone and their network

Have you ever heard the phrase “Your network is your net worth?” Well, that’s more true today than ever. Keep in mind that not so long ago it was all face to face. And in the last few years we’ve become more of meeting people online, through Zoom or whatever you use, and a little less face to face. Both have advantages because you meet people, but in today’s environment it’s a little more difficult to do relationship marketing face to face.

Today I want to talk about relationship marketing. To be successful, you must understand the concepts of what it means for your business. When you hire a human, whether you’re doing it as an entrepreneur or as a business, you’re not just hiring a human. You hire a human and his network.

An adventure

Recently I did something that I hadn’t done in over five years. I got on a plane. I haven’t traveled for quite a few years because a lot of the conferences and things I have been to have been canceled. But, I just took a random trip to a place I had never been before, Raleigh, NC.

Now why did I choose Raleigh? Well, the first people I met in person were some of the members who belonged to a group I belonged to called Pay It Forward Tuesdays.

Pay in advance

One of the writers I worked with introduced me to a marketing executive named Chuck Hester. Chuck invited me to join this group. The six of us in this group volunteer to spend an hour with someone trying to run a nonprofit and help them make better use of marketing, social media, and public relations.

We all have different skills that we bring to the table and these people can get up to six hours of training or instruction. They have access to our networks, which helps them amplify their messages. It’s not only a great bunch, but it’s also great to be able to help a bunch of people who help others.

These are people …

That’s the whole point of networking, using the connections you have to help other people, whether it’s to get better business results or to solve a problem. When I went to Raleigh I met Chuck Hester and Lori Bruns, both of whom are part of this group. We sat down and had breakfast. It was awesome. It was the first time I had met them face to face. Some of the other people live in Philadelphia and Florida. If I get there, I will do the same.

I also had the opportunity to sit down with my son, Timmy, and his girlfriend, Ashley. And we did a city tour, downtown Raleigh. We stopped at a few breweries where my son had his favorite thing in the world, craft beers. Then we went to dinner in several different places. I was able to visit the region with them.

Speaking of touring, another person I’ve never met face to face is Emily Smathers. She’s someone I use as a virtual assistant to write about very technical pharmaceutical topics. She’s really good at it.

So I took an Uber home. We went out and had lunch, then toured the whole area. I got to see what it was like outside of town.

And speaking of networking, someone I work with locally knew a realtor who knew several realtors in Raleigh. So I decided to meet them and learn more about the area to get a feel for what is going on in the market there.


One of them called me on the phone and gave me a lot of information. The other one said straight away, “Hey, do you want to meet? Let’s do it Monday at 10:00 a.m. We both introduced ourselves to Panera, sat down and had a great conversation. The biggest difference between the two is that the first one spoke to me on the phone and then emailed me with a whole bunch of announcements. The second person sat down and not only listened to what I wanted, but also offered me their connections.

She offered to introduce myself to people she knows, loves and trusts including a mortgage broker, home inspector, contractors, lawyers – all I had need. It was awesome. Which of these two people do you think impressed me the most? I think you can probably guess.


When we talk about relationship marketing to be successful, everything is based on a formula. Each of us has about 150 quality connections. If you think about these 150 relationships, they’re people we know, love, and trust. People we would be happy to recommend, just like my friend recommended a realtor who recommended two realtors in Raleigh whom she knew, loved and trusted. The reason she gave me two people is so I can choose who I think best meets my needs at this particular time.

When you look at everyone having 150 great relationships with people they know, love, and trust, there’s a good chance each of them can amplify that by 10. So if you hit it. those 150, they can amplify your needs and your messages to 1,500 different people. And from there, if you connect with those 1,500 people, there’s a chance they’ll know 10, which means from that core of 150, you can have a range of over 15. 000 people.

Amplify your TRIBE connections

Some of the tips I want to give you on how to maximize this is to explore other people’s connections online. An example of this is going to your customers and exploring their connections on LinkedIn. See who you have in common.

You might find that you have some common relationships that you didn’t even know, or if they want to meet someone else, you can introduce them to someone they don’t know. Second, do the same in person. Have someone meet you in person and ask who they would like to meet, then be sure to return the favor. But deliver quality people, not quantity. You want to make sure they meet someone who can help them.

Finally, if you have a sales team, make sure your sales team connects with their current and past customers. Think about it. If they have 150 great connections with current and past customers, that means they can amplify your post by 1,500. And if they are encouraged to share, you now reach up to 15,000 people.

I’ll suggest you go back and listen Bacon Podcast Episode 438. There, I’m talking about my 10-10-10 strategy and how you can use it to amplify your relationships and marketing messages.

Networking is about your 150 closest connections (your TRIBU) and the resources you bring to yourselves!

Final thoughts

By jumping on a plane, meeting people I knew but never met in person, we have built knowledge, tastes and confidence, and I can help expand their network and they can definitely help. to extend mine. Think about how you can use your own network to create an even bigger one where everyone can be successful. This is relationship marketing!

I would love to hear your thoughts on your relationship marketing system. Comment below and share your thoughts, ideas or questions about connecting with others and their network.

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