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Robber got away with 60 lakhs caught in CCTV camera, new guard’s mobile confiscated SEXI News

Thief got away with 60 lakhs caught in CCTV camera, new guard’s mobile phone confiscated

Bihar: Criminal incidents are continuously increasing in the state. In such a situation, also on Monday evening, the case of the exploits of intrepid thieves came to light. This incident is about Orient Itapartment located in Ramjaipal Nagar Arpana bank settlement of Rupaspur police station. Where, by breaking the lock of four other closed apartments including the apartment of the Patna High Court Section Officer, the thieves got rid of the property worth around 60 lakhs. The incident of the theft was captured in the CCTV camera installed in the apartment. In this regard, Section Officer Sanjay Kumar Sinha registered a case of theft at the police station. Sanjay Kumar Sinha, a resident of apartment number 206, said that on July 31, after closing the apartment in the apartment, the whole family joined the Savani Puja in the ancestral village of Daudnagar. On Tuesday morning around 6:30 a.m., his neighbor called and informed him that the lock on your apartment was broken.

As soon as Sanjay Kumar arrived at the apartment around 9:30 a.m., he saw that all the things were scattered around the room. He says the thieves easily searched all the rooms one by one. The thieves took away two lakh 51,000 cash, 750 grams of gold jewelry and one kg of cash and other valuables by smashing lockers from four shelves. Mr Sinha said the thieves stole property worth around 40 lakhs from his land. At the same time, property worth several hundred thousand euros was also stolen from the house of apartment number 202 resident of private company MD KK Bharti, apartment number 203 resident and officer of Jaypee Cement Satya Narayan Tiwari and apartment number 407 resident of pharmaceutical businessman Pankaj Kumar Arora. Mr Sinha said all apartment owners have been notified of the incident.

Mr Sinha said the photo of the thieves was captured by the CCTV camera installed in the apartment. A guard came to the apartment three or four days ago. The police confiscated the guard’s cell phone. He said patrolling police are rarely in that area. For this reason, theft incidents have increased. The SHO said a case was being registered and an investigation was underway. Thieves are identified based on CCTV camera footage. He claimed the gang would soon be disbanded.

-Annu Prakash’s report

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