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Rust: Every New CCTV Camera ID & How To Use Them

With the new CCTV camera codes in Rust, players can finally add extra protection to their bases. With the March 2020 update, developer Facepunch Studios added functional CCTV cameras to Rust. This move essentially allows players to access hidden cameras all over the map, as well as set up their own camera systems around their bases. Setting up the cameras is an easy task and only requires a few lucky finds in random crates surrounding the island maps.

CCTV in Rust is used as a monitoring tool even if it seems unusable and somewhat broken. CCTV can be connected to an electrical outlet and placed around bases or any surface for that matter. These CCTV cameras can be controlled from a computer station provided players have entered the correct Camera ID. These cameras can also be used to defend an area as they can be used in an automatic turret. Cameras in Rust can be found in a variety of locations such as crash sites, loot crates, and air drops.


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This decision is debated by the players of Rust, some say this gives too much power to the big clans who can afford to keep a few players constantly on the lookout for cameras. This would essentially put an end to sneaky raids from other players and make it even more difficult for a solo or duo to progress in the game. Others are very happy to see the addition of cameras in Rust, claiming that this removes the guessing game as to when certain monuments are taken over by rival clans and will in fact increase the contestation of those privileged areas. It is always fun to check out all the sites of Rust with just a few CCTV camera codes, gamers will never have to leave the security of their perfectly designed base.

How to make a computer station in Rust

Rusting computer station

The first thing players will need to access the hidden cameras all around Rust servers is a computer station. Fortunately, the resort map is a default map, so it’s easy to do. It requires a level 1 workbench to be crafted. The ingredients of the plan are listed below.

  • 20 High quality metal
  • 1 targeting computer
  • 1 diffuser
  • 1 receiver

Most of these items can be found in Supply Drops or hidden in monument crates. Once gathered and crafted, the player can then drop their computer into their base and access the main screen. This is where they will enter the unique identifiers that give players a bird’s eye view of their map.

All camera IDs in Rust

Rust Computer Station Screen Dome Top

Once the computer station is mounted, a blank screen will appear for the reader. In the lower left corner, they will find a text box with the words “Identifier to add”. This is where you can enter each identifier required for your computer station. As each is typed, it will be added to the above list for easy access later. The IDs below correspond to each camera spread across Rust’s maps. Keep in mind that not all servers have all monuments, so you may come across an ID that will not work on your particular server.


Small oil rig

  • OIL1L3
  • OIL1L4

Large oil rig





Bandit Camp

Players will also be able to place their own cameras by installing one of the many CCTV cameras randomly found around the island. This will alert the player to nearby raiders on the prowl and help give players a much needed alert when things are about to unfold.

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Rust is available on PC through Steam.

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