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Secret wireless security camera disguised as a charger

If you are looking for a small, unobtrusive security camera to protect your home, property, or business, you might be interested in the small but comprehensive HD Mask wireless security camera which is now available for purchase for just $ 99. , giving you a savings of $ 100. the recommended retail price of $ 199.

The HD Mask is a powerful wireless, streaming security camera hidden in a USB charger and requires no battery, has motion detection, and allows you to easily monitor locations from a distance. Recorded video footage should be saved to SD cards for later inspection at a later date or streamed live directly to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

HD Wireless Security Camera

The powerful security camera is hidden inside a USB phone charger which will actually charge your phone and capture video footage. Provide a secret way to monitor your home or business. The “HD Mask is packed with powerful military-grade features, but it looks and works just like your standard USB phone charger,” its creators say.

Features of the 1080p wireless security camera include

– Control your camera and view footage using the companion app for Android, iOS and Windows
– Allow friends and family to access the live stream
– HD 1080P resolution
– Can be used as a real USB charger
– Wireless streaming capabilities
– Crystal clear video recording
– Record seamlessly to your phone / tablet or device SD card 24/7
– Set up multiple cameras to capture everything that happens in one location

secret wireless security camera

“Our powerful 1080P HD security camera is hidden in a USB phone charger. Such a common gadget these days that the HD Mask no longer attracts attention thanks to its camouflage design. And you can also charge your phone and other devices while recording! “

“We made HD Mask really easy to use: plug it into any outlet and connect it to your device (phone, computer, tablet) seamlessly. You can record straight away, in a continuous loop or using MOTION DETECTION when someone is in the room. With the high HD 1080P quality, you won’t miss a thing and can live broadcast remotely anytime, even at night.

1080p security camera

“HD Mask is quite simply the best USB camera on the market. We’ve invested in the best camera lens, the best WiFi chip, and the best materials. You can even set up multiple cameras at home or in the office to secure the perimeter and monitor everything from your phone. This gives you the surveillance power of expensive CCTV systems without intrusive or obvious cameras.

Source: HD Mask

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