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SeeTree digitizes your orchard

Tim hammerich

It’s time for your report on the Farm of the Future. I am Tim Hammerich.

There are few farming systems more complex than an orchard, and the variability can make it difficult to get the most out of the orchard’s crops. SeeTree is a digital platform for farmers that helps them grow further and run a more efficient business by digitizing their farm. Product Uri (Er-ee) vice president Rosenzweig (Row-sen-zwyg) says digitizing an orchard can help growers find hidden inefficiencies.

Rosenzweig… “I think everyone is looking for ways to use their resources more efficiently, whether it’s water or spray. And also be able to predict their harvests. These are therefore areas in which we specialize and we seek to provide these solutions to producers. “

Rosenzweig said they are creating a digital twin of every tree farmers grow.

Rosenzweig… “First of all, we count the total number of trees, which is very important for inventory management and things like that. We measure every tree. So they are able to optimize the way they spray based on that. And we also select the stressed areas and provide health scores for each tree. “

He said this digitization allows farmers to take into account the extreme variability that exists in orchard crops.

Rosenzweig… “Each block is different. Every season is different. And the more tools you have to be able to identify the variability within your orchards and create the tools to be able to deal with each of these issues the way they need to be solved, the more efficient you will be in farming and the better. precious harvest that you will be able to produce.

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