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Senior attacked with iron bar at Chennai supermarket | Taken in picture

Kandasamy, a resident of Korattur in Chennai, was attacked with a metal rod by a man posing as a customer at his supermarket. He alleged that a BJP worker named Jagadish, who had rented his property to operate a tea shop, was behind the attack.

CCTV video of Kandasamy assaulted by the unknown assailant in Chennai Korattur.

Dr Kandasamy, a 70-year-old man from Chennai, was assaulted by a stranger in his supermarket. The attack was captured on CCTV footage and police are using it to track down the man who attacked the victim.

Kandasamy runs a supermarket called Srinivasa Supermarket in Korattur area of ​​Chennai. On Friday, April 15, while Kandasamy was in his store, a man entered the store under the guise of buying groceries.

When Kandasamy’s wife went to fetch an item, the unknown miscreant attacked Kandasamy with an iron bar and hit him on the head.

Kandasamy, after being attacked, fell to the ground. The whole incident was filmed by CCTV.

Later, Kandasamy was rushed to hospital and he filed a written complaint regarding the incident. He alleged that a BJP employee named Jagadish, who also leased Kandasamy property to run a tea shop, was behind the attack.

Kandasamy, in his complaint, said he asked Jagadish to vacate the property in November 2021, but still hasn’t. The attack on him, Kandasamy believes, was carried out with an ulterior motive by Jagadish.

Korattur police, who received the complaint, are currently investigating the case and are using CCTV footage to try to find the man who attacked Kandasamy.

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