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Jamaican music giant Shinehead turns 60!

Age is nothing but a number and the legendary entertainer is a living testament to that saying. Looking, feeling and sounding all at once, the artist is touched by the good wishes that poured in from various people around the world on his birthday on April 10.

The artist paid tribute to the good life, diet and exercise for reaching this important milestone in his life.

Shinehead has been in the music business for over 40 years and has reached millions of fans as well as generations of inspired artists.

With timeless music, artist Strive continues to dominate musical spaces leaving an impressionable mark on the international stage.

Career and contribution to reggae

Trying to make it as a reggae artist in New York was no easy task. Shinehead began his musical career performing for various New York City dancehall sound systems in the 1980s, including Bronx-based Tony Screw’s Downbeat the Ruler.

In 1986, he made his debut on the independent label African Love Music with “Who suit caps (let them wear) from the album Rough and rugged.

Shinehead’s ultra-diverse style helped launch him in front of a global audience. In 1988, he signed A&R representative Raoul Roach to a recording contract with Elektra Records and remained with the label until 1995.

His best-known single is the cover of Sting’s Englishman At New York renamed Jamaican in New York in 1993 and reached number 30 on the UK Singles Chart the same year.

The music star broke down barriers, opened doors and paved the way for reggae to have a respectful place on international and mainstream stages.

The singer is considered one of the original artists to crossover hip-hop with reggae music now known as reggae fusion, with songs such as try my love in 1992. His vocal talents can be heard through various tracks on the Unity and The real rock scrapbooks.

That we are inspired by Strive or grooving Know How Fi Chat or Rough and rugged, Shinehead’s music penetrates the mind, body and soul of its fans. His fast and versatile deejay chat style can be heard on tracks such as cigarette puff, give me no crack and Do it with ease.

No signs of slowing down

Shinehead is still active and shows no signs of slowing down. He is currently adding new hits to his catalog, including the explosive gem of reggae soul Never had a dream.

Along with creating new music, planning reissues of classic songs, the artist is also busy cutting dub plates. Its price has just gone up a notch and rightly so. The artist has been paving the way for more than 40 years.

Shinehead’s sound system with DJ Papalotl, Kingston 12 HiFi, is also keeping him very busy these days with a number of scheduled appearances.

Fans can find out all about Shinehead and Kingston 12 HiFi on their website. From music, videos, merchandise, upcoming performances and more, you can find everything you need.

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