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Slim 400 shooting camera captured on CCTV video of death explained

WATCH: Slim 400 shooting camera captured on CCTV video of death explained: A horrific video is currently eye-catching and giving goosebumps to anyone who watches this video. According to the latest report, a popular rapper has been killed in a fatal shootout that leaves his fans in deep mourning. According to the latest report confirmed by the Los Angeles Times, rapper Slim 400 was shot and murdered Wednesday night in Inglewood. In the report, it is mentioned that Slim 400 was the victim of what turns out to be an ambush as he sat in an alley to be surprised and repeatedly shoot. Internet users watch this video over and over again and are trying to get all the details related to this deadly shooting. Follow more update on

Slim 400 shooting camera death video

As the Inglewood Police Department said Thursday, the shooting took place in the 8600 block of 7th Avenue at around 7:50 p.m. Police authorities recognized the victim as Slim 400, real name Vincent Cohran. Police officers patrolling the area discovered the injured musician on the ground after hearing gunshots. Paramedics treated Slim 400 before Los Angeles County firefighters admitted him to a local hospital for trauma care. After his admission to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, the doctor declared him dead. Inglewood Police are currently investigating the entire case and gathering evidence and continuing witnesses for the ongoing investigation.

Slim 400 Shooting Death Video CCTV Footage

TMZ 1st reported that the rapper was 33 when he went missing, but later police said he was 34. After the fatal shooting, law enforcement sources claimed that a video surfaced on the web, relating to the Slim 400 attack. In the viral video, viewers can see the suspect walking down the aisle with a gun by hand. , and approach the drive side of the vehicle where rapper Slim was seated.

However, it is unclear what happens next, but viewers watched this flash and heard the voice of a gun, and Slim pounced on the suspect. The bullet fire continues as the musician continues to walk towards the street with the shooter. According to the source, Inglewood PD responded to a shooting call Wednesday night and found Slim in poor condition in an alley. However, no apprehensions have yet been made in connection with the murder.

Slim 400 was born in Germany and raised in Compton, the emcee was known for songs such as “Piru” with YG, “Goapele” with YG and Redrum 187.

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