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Sonali Phogat was given recreational drug methamphetamine by his personal assistant in the Goa club

A day after CCTV footage showed actor and BJP leader Sonali Phogat falling to the ground as she tried to leave a nightclub in Goa, hours before she was pronounced dead, a new footage has emerged in which she is forced to drink on the dance floor.

Based on the disclosure of the accused Sudhir Sangwan, the drugs given to the deceased (Sonali Phogat) were seized from the restrooms of the Curlies restaurant.

In the video, Sonali Phogat can be seen dancing while her PA Sudhir Sangwan holds a bottle in his hand that he forcefully made her drink. The drink is said to be fortified with the drug which was found in his body after the autopsy report.

Meanwhile, police confirmed that Phogat was given recreational methamphetamine by the accused Goa club Curlies.

“Police recorded offenses under NDPS Act against Curlies restaurant owner Edwin Nunes and Dattaprasad Gaonkar who was involved in drug supply,” Goa Police said in the statement.

“Further investigation revealed that the drugs were supplied by Dattaprasad Gaonkar who worked as a chambermaid at the Grand Leoney Resort, Anjuna, where the defendants and the deceased lady were residing,” Goa police said.

According to the police, his associates took Sonali Phogat to the Grand Leonny hotel, where they were all staying, before he died.

Police have so far arrested his personal assistant Sudhir Sagwan, fellow assistant Sukhwinder Singh, Curlies restaurant owner Edwin Nunes and suspected drug dealer Dattaprasad Gaonkar.

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