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SpaceX presents a magnificent dome for space tourists next month

The views are going to be incredible.

Dragon Cupola

SpaceX has made an exciting new modification to its Crew Dragon spacecraft that will transport the first crew of fully civilian astronauts around Earth later this month.

The capsule was fitted with a “Cupola”, which Musk described as a “glass dome“in a tweet earlier this year, which will give the crew of four an unprecedented look at Earth – and space beyond – hundreds of miles from its surface.

Since the capsule will not dock with the International Space Station, it did not need the additional docking mechanism on its nose cone, meaning these private space travelers will receive special treatment. in addition to a unique experience. to live.

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Pictures shared by the official Twitter account of the mission show the crew smiling shyly at the camera through the glass dome.

Earlier this year, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk described the view on Twitter like “probably most” in space “that you might experience being in a glass dome.”

The cupola resembles its much larger counterpart of the same name, which has offered astronauts aboard the International Space Station an incredible view of our planet since February 2010.

But while the ISS Cupola module is made up of seven individual pieces of reinforced glass, the Dragon Cupola appears to be made up of one unbroken piece – impressive, considering the amount of forces acting on the material.

Inspiriation4 is scheduled to launch Sept. 15, if all goes well, from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, with the crew spending three full days orbiting Earth.

It’s an unprecedented mission – with unprecedented views to boot.

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