Dome camera models

Specifications of EVO-12-EOE Oncam IP Dome Camera

Evolution ExD cameras, part of Oncam’s specialty camera line, are unique in the 360-degree video surveillance market. ATEX, IEC and IECEx certified, the 5MP and 12MP versions have been specially designed to meet the needs of customers operating in hazardous environmental conditions and potentially explosive atmospheres.

Camera housings are made from 316L stainless steel for maximum strength. IP66, IP67 and IP68 ratings make the case resistant to harsh environmental conditions. Suitable for use in markets such as offshore and onshore environments, industrial and chemical plants, port and marine applications and food processing areas, the world’s first and only range of 360 degree ExD cameras is available in four mounting options: surface mount, wall mount, pole mount and ceiling mount.

With no moving parts, the cameras can be powered by PoE, 12 VDC or AC power, depending on whether they will be used indoors, outdoors or in extreme outdoor conditions. A heater is also available in the outdoor models. For improved connectivity in extreme outdoor applications, single-mode or multimode fiber versions are offered.


EVO-05-EIP / EVO-12-EIP (PoE)


EVO-05-EOA / EVO-12-EOA (115V)

EVO-05-EOE / EVO-12-EOE (230V)

Extreme exterior:

EVO-05-ESA / EVO-12-ESA (115V, single fiber optic mode)

EVO-05-ESE / EVO-12-ESE 230V, Single fiber optic mode)

EVO-05-EMA / EVO-12-EMA (115V, multi-fiber optic mode)

EVO-05-EME / EVO-12-EME (230V, Multi-fiber optic mode)

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