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S’pore thief caught on camera emptying cash from Jalan Besar pao fan stand into his bag – Mothership.SG


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Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. However, low crime does not mean that there is no crime.

TikTok user @jtsweee found out the hard way when an unidentified individual stole all the money from his booth’s cash register in the middle of the night.

Jtsweee, whose real name is Jameson Tan, said Mothership that he is a co-owner of San Pin Pao Fan, which has eight outlets in Singapore.

The theft occurred the night before May 17 from a stand in Foch Road.

Taken on CCTV

In a video he posted on June 4, closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage from the store showed the attacker calmly walking towards the cash register before moving several items out of the way.

@jtsweee Heartbreaks every time I see him take all the hard earned money… #sgcrimes #sgtiktok #fypシ #fyp ♬ Oh no – Kreepa

The individual – whose face is obscured by a motorcycle helmet – can be seen filling a bag with money from the cash register.

“12 hours of hard work in less than five minutes,” the video reads.

GIF screenshot of jtsweee’s TikTok video.

The amount of money the thief took was in the order of “a thousand”, Tan said.

Mixed reaction from internet users

Unfortunately for the booth owner, not everyone online was sympathetic to his plight.

Several TikTok users have criticized him for not taking proactive measures to prevent such things from happening.

Screenshot from jtsweee’s TikTok video.

Screenshot from jtsweee’s TikTok video.

However, there are others who were quick to defend Tan from his unfortunate situation.

Screenshot from jtsweee’s TikTok video.

Screenshot from jtsweee’s TikTok video.

Tan also responded to a comment from one of the TikTok users and explained that he wanted to let other stall owners know about the incident.

Screenshot from jtsweee’s TikTok video.

He responded to several other comments describing the incident as an “expensive lesson” and saying the cash register was “tampered with”.

Tan added that the purpose of uploading the CCTV footage to TikTok is to raise awareness of this incident, hoping other stall owners won’t go through the same ordeal.

He said Mothership that a police report regarding the incident had been filed.

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Top photo from Tan’s TikTok video.

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