Storm Anxiety: How To Deal With Extreme Weather Phobias During Hurricane Season

Whether severe or not, increased anxiety during storms could be from a previous unpleasant encounter with the weather or from a feeling of out of control during these situations.

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Storm anxiety

New York City hit by hailstorm as severe weather moves through area

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For good reason, anticipating the advent of a hurricane, a tornado, a blizzard, or any other catastrophic event causes worry and worry among those who live in its path.

Natural disasters cause enormous disruption in people’s lives, including physical and mental health problems and substantial economic barriers. The constant news of a looming storm approach can exacerbate your worry, tension, and dread.

“The reality is that storms can be very frightening, and if you’ve had a traumatic experience in your life, it could be frightening for anyone,” says Michael Lewis, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in the north. Indiana. “It doesn’t have to be a child. It can be a young adult. It can be an older adult.” We have all kinds of people contacting us. “

According to Rebeca Riley, director of clinical services at the Bowen Center, one of the best ways to feel in control is to make an active time plan that helps you feel protected. It is essential to find a balance between obeying the warnings and mother nature while remaining calm.

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Here are some strategies to motivate you and take control of your weather phobias:

To prepare

A must: have an emergency first aid kit

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Everlit survival kit

When storms approach, planning ahead – thinking about where you’ll seek shelter, making sure you have multiple ways to get weather alerts and information, and have a plan for you and your family – can help. to minimize your worry and stress level. Planning and planning puts you in control of your situation and can make storms less frightening.

Have a concrete plan

Develop a strategy to protect yourself and your family. Determine where you will seek refuge if a tornado hits on a beautiful day with no storms forecast. Make a plan to get yourself, your family, and your pets to this safe place. Prepare a safety kit with the materials you will need if you need to seek refuge. Plan how you and your family will communicate if you lose power, phone service, cable or satellite, mobile service, or Internet access. Prepare a communication strategy if you are separated.

Keep calm

Consider what causes you the most anxiety when it comes to extreme weather conditions. It is the sound of thunder, lightning, or the roar of winds for some individuals. For others, it is the fear and uncertainty of what can happen to them or their loved ones. It can help if there is something you can deal with that is making your concerns worse.

Learn more about storms

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Learn more about storms. Find out how they are planned and what the terms “watch”, “warning” and “advise” imply. Learn more about the science behind severe weather forecasts by following the National Weather Service’s forecasts and projections online. Learn more about tornadoes and severe storms by participating in a free NWS storm watcher training program.

Filter information

Hurricane Iota brings death and devastation across Central America

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When extreme weather conditions are expected, many storm terrified people want all the information they can get their hands on. There are several sources of weather information available on social media. Some are from official sources, like the National Weather Service, your favorite TV station or local TV meteorologist, or your community’s emergency management or public safety authorities. These are generally good places to acquire weather information. A tiny fraction of social media forecasts lean towards the extreme or worst-case scenario in extreme weather forecasts. If you’re worried about storms, they could make things worse.

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For more information on climate and weather, be sure to follow Nature World News!

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