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Suspected car thieves seen on camera take off with BMW


A group of suspected car thieves have been caught on camera committing what might be one of the dumbest crimes, after posing as potential buyers and driving off in a luxury vehicle.

Now the owner of the BMW in Queensland has said he had thousands of dollars just weeks before his wedding after the suspected thieves got away with the car during a test drive.

“I was absolutely amazed,” said 24-year-old owner Lance Cullen. A topical matter.

Lance Cullen, 24. (A current affair)

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Cullen said he reluctantly decided to sell his BMW and posted a Facebook Marketplace ad for nearly $29,000.

Then someone using the name “Amy” made an inquiry and asked to arrange an inspection.

Shortly after, a man and a woman, both wearing white caps, showed up to inspect his vehicle, stopping with two other people in a silver Renault which they parked on the other side of the road. road.

Lance Cullen said he posted an ad for his BMW online. (A current affair)

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After walking down the driveway, they looked over the car, while Cullen’s father, Dave, was inside the house.

“I was kind of half tuned to see if they were shady or not,” Dave said.

“(They were) chatty, smiley, friendly…nothing out of the ordinary that you wouldn’t expect,” Cullen said.

The BMW belongs to Lance Cullen. (A current affair)

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“(They) were talking about the car, asking questions, very engaged about it, asking me a lot of things a criminal wouldn’t even normally do, giving me information about themselves.”

But it seems they never planned to pay for it.

“They asked for a test drive, I just asked for proof of license, proof of funds in advance…while they were arranging this I looked away for a split second,” said Cullen said.

CCTV video of the BMW being inspected. (A current affair)

The first time the couple tried to escape, they blocked the vehicle, but managed to get away after their second attempt.

“Then they drove off in my car. They drove around me to leave,” Cullen said.

“I heard and saw how they were driving and that’s when I realized it wasn’t coming back.”

Dave Cullen. (A current affair)

Could this be one of the stupidest crimes?

But then the alleged car theft turned into what might be one of the dumbest crimes ever when Cullen realized the silver Renault they’d arrived in was still on the other side of the road.

He decided to take a closer look.

With his phone camera rolling, Cullen captured the alleged associates still parked just across the road.

“They were really deer in the headlights, kind of like me,” Cullen said.

The video shows the moment the BMW pulled out of the driveway. (A current affair)

“They started frantically trying to start the car, putting it on and off, as you can see in the video, trying to cover their faces.”

Cullen said the alleged associates appeared to be as shocked as he was as they struggled to get away.

“They definitely didn’t seem to have enough brain cells to go with each other…but they eventually got into it and walked away,” Cullen said.

Cullen then realized he needed the police’s help and yelled at his father to call them.

Lance Cullen decided to look inside the silver car across the road. (A current affair)

Cullen said what made the alleged car theft worse was that the duo knew what the car sale meant to them.

He is getting married in three weeks and was hoping to sell his car to pay for the rest of their wedding.

“They knew why I was selling it and knew all of those reasons, and then decided to take it anyway,” Cullen said.

The car is insured at market value, but Lance said it’s worth a lot more with the work he’s put into it.

Lance Cullen is just weeks away from getting married. (A current affair)

In a statement to A topical matterQueensland Police confirmed the silver Renault the four arrived in was also stolen.

“Investigations are ongoing, anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to contact police,” Queensland Police said.

“Offenders charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle face a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.”

After sharing his video on social media, Cullen finally managed to find his BMW, but sadly, it looks like it will be a loss.

The following can be attributed to a QPS spokesperson:

At approximately 4.50pm on Wednesday October 12, a gray BMW 135I was stolen from Waratah Close in Mackenzie.

Initial reports indicate four people drove to the property in a gray Renault Kadjar which was reported stolen in Southport on the morning of October 9.

People drove to the property claiming they intended to view the BMW to be purchased.

A man and a woman got out of the Renault and got into the BMW and left. Two other people in the Renault also chased from the scene.

No one was physically injured in the flight.

The victim then located the damaged vehicle in Shirley Street in Eagleby at around 11pm last night (October 16).

The stolen Renault remains in circulation.

Investigations are ongoing, anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the police.

Offenders charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle face a maximum penalty of 7 years in prison.

If the vehicle is used or intended for use in an indictable offence, or is damaged or destroyed during unlawful use, the maximum penalty increases to 12 years imprisonment.

If an offender threatens to use violence, uses violence against a person, or is armed during the robbery, they face charges of robbery with violence or armed robbery.

The maximum penalty for robbery is 14 years imprisonment, for armed robbery the maximum penalty is life imprisonment.

If a vehicle is stolen during a break and enter, the offender faces a burglary charge which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Penalties for infringements in Queensland can be accessed via the Criminal Code Act 1899.

If you buy or sell items online, please consider the following:

  • Do not accept screenshots as proof of payment

  • If possible, avoid meeting buyers in your home or allowing them into your home.

  • Do not meet strangers at night or in secluded or private places. Your personal safety is your priority when arranging an appointment. Consider meeting in a public space during daylight hours when there is CCTV and people around. For example, a cafe or a mall.

  • Record the details of the person you are meeting, including name, email address, phone number and registration numbers.

  • If possible, be sure to inspect or test the item thoroughly before purchasing.

  • Know what items and actions are allowed on the site – most sites do not allow the sale of counterfeit, illegal, or stolen items.

  • Remember, if the advertised price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Report a person or an article directly on the online site using the “report an announcement or an article” function; and

  • Report a crime and/or illegal activity directly to the Queensland Police Service.

Further information is available from Scam watch and take a moment to check RU under control.

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