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Tata Nexon rollover accident filmed!

Tata boasts of offering one of the largest number of safest cars in the Indian market. Actual crashes of Tata cars in the past have shown promising results. Here’s one more where a Tata Nexon hits a utility pole and flips over.

CCTV footage shows an undivided road in Kerala. It looks like a straight road and there are no curves on it. The uncrowded road has a few vehicles going up and down. The Tata Nexon enters frame from the left side of the footage.

The car is driving at moderate speed. Video shows him slowly pulling off the road and the left tire hitting the base of a utility pole. The collision moves the electric pole and also causes the Tata Nexon to lose control and overturn. The Nexon slips a few feet and comes to rest.

In the seconds that follow, people gather around the car to eliminate the opponents. It looks like the airbags didn’t open and that’s because the first impact was on the front quarter. Since Tata only offers front airbags with the Nexon, they did not open due to the location of the first impact.

A first frontal impact is necessary to deploy the front airbags. An impact on the car anywhere else will not deploy the airbags for safety reasons and also because the crash sensors are located there. Airbags open with a small puff and the passenger’s torso can be in a dangerous position if the impact is to the side of the rear of the car. Opening airbags can injure passengers instead of saving them.

Passengers seem safe

The overturned car seemed secure in every way. The pillars didn’t even collapse. The video didn’t last long but we think even the doors could have opened. This shows the integrity and toughness of the shell of the Tata Nexon, which is also the first five-star car made in India by Global-NCAP.

Tata Nexon, which was previously tested by Global NCAP in August 2016, has been retested to receive the highest points ever recorded by an Indian-made vehicle. The Nexon received 16.06 points out of 17, which was the highest mark ever obtained by a car ever made in India. This adds one more star to Nexon’s previous 4-star rating by the same testing agency.

The Nexon then gave the safest car position in India to other cars like the Altroz, XUV500 and recently the Tata Punch. In the past, many owners have thanked the build quality and safety provided by Tata cars after being involved in accidents.

Tall cars like the Tata Nexon tend to tip over due to their heavy hood. That’s why SUVs and crossovers need to be driven much more carefully. The heavy roof shifts the vehicle’s center of gravity, making it more unstable compared to regular hatchbacks and hatchbacks.

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