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Atos joined Catena-X: the automobile industry network strengthen and secure data exchange and innovation across Europe

Paris, October 1st5 2021 Atos announces today that it is now a member of CatenaX, an open and evolving European network, based on GAIA-X cloud infrastructure initiative, which aims to enable the secure exchange of business-to-business data in the automotive industry in order to improve efficiency, accelerate innovation and decarbonization, and thus strengthen the competitiveness of the industry European automobile. Atos, founder and member of the board of directors of GAIA-X, will join leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, dealer associations and OEMs, including BMW AG, Deutsche Telekom AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, SAP SE, Siemens AG, ZF Friedrichshafen AG , Mercedes-Benz AG and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft as part of Catena-X.

Together, Catena-X members will select and implement scalable and relevant use cases for the system. The defined Catena-X pilot projects focus on five application areas which, with the help of such a networked data infrastructure, can significantly contribute to increasing productivity and improving sustainability along future value chains. . The five areas are: quality management, logistics, maintenance, supply chain management and sustainability.

“We are convinced that the automotive industry is important for Europe in the post-COVID recovery, and a rapid pivot to digital ecosystems will ensure the financial stability of the entire ecosystem in this sector. noted Pierre Barnabé, Global Head of Manufacturing Industry at Atos. We are delighted to bring our unique world know-how and experience to this network and To work closely with other members to help establish the first data-driven value chain for the automotive industry. Specifically, given our expertise in low-carbon digital and our own Net Zero 2028 ambition, we are very eager to support the first use cases focused on decarbonization.

Atos unique set of expertise and experience consists of:

  • Expertise in European data frameworks and platforms – Atos is one of the members of the FIWARE foundation, founding member of GAIA-X and of the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) X. The principles of the latter two will serve as a basis for Catena-X in terms of data protection. data, sovereignty and data interoperability.
  • p from start to finishportfolio of solutions to help define the optimal platform needed for any Catena-X use case, such as its BullSequana Edge server and the Atos Digital Hub platform, an accelerator for building ecosystem platforms.
  • Pproven know-how in the global automotive industry, having worked on complex global projects with a range of automotive manufacturers.
  • European leader in cloud, cybersecurity and high performance computing to support the development of Catena-X throughout Europe – Atos brings its global experience and expertise in Cloud Computing with approximately 7,000 Cloud Experts and 30,000 Application Experts worldwide supported by Atos OneCloud, a unique initiative to proactively accelerate the migration of customers to the Cloud through a one-stop-shop offering industry-specific marketing and organization.
  • Atos scientific community and community of experts – communities of 165 and 3,000 top scientists and experts – will support the vision and implementation of Catena-X.
  • Decarburization – leader in low-carbon digital, and with the recent acquisition of the internationally recognized climate strategy consulting firm EcoAct, Atos has a dedicated team of consultants to help develop use cases that will reduce CO2 emissions on the entire supply chain and those that will enable a transition to a circular economy and accelerate sustainability, such as optimizing production, development and operations planning with Digital Twin technology.

Earlier this year, Atos partnered with other leaders in the automotive and technology fields to create “Software République”: a new open ecosystem for smart and sustainable mobility, which aims to develop and market systems and software for provide an enriched and sustainable mobility offer to cities, regions, businesses and citizens. The Catena-X network could be an opportunity to strengthen the development of these products and services.


About Atos
Atos is a global leader in digital transformation with 105,000 employees and annual revenue of over 11 billion euros. European leader in cybersecurity, cloud and high performance computing, the Group offers tailor-made end-to-end solutions for all industries in 71 countries. A pioneer in decarbonization services and products, Atos is committed to secure and carbon-free digital for its customers. Atos operates under the Atos and Atos | Syntel brands. Atos is an SE (Societas Europaea), listed on the Next 20 Paris stock market index.

The Atos goal is to help shape the future of the information space. Its expertise and services support the development of knowledge, teaching and research in a multicultural approach and contribute to the development of scientific and technological excellence. All over the world, the Group enables its customers and employees, as well as members of companies in general, to live, work and develop in a sustainable manner, in a safe and secure information space.

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Laura Fau | [email protected] | +33 6 73 64 04 18 | @laurajanefau

  • RP – Atos joins Catena-X the automotive industry network to strengthen and secure data exchange and innovation across Europe

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