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The Queen was once filmed calling I’m A Celebrity’s Matt Hancock a ‘poor man’ | Television & Radio | Showbiz and television


I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here! fans watched Matt Hancock enter the jungle on Wednesday night much to the dismay of campmates already settled in. Looking back on the former health secretary’s career outside the jungle, the Queen has already been caught on camera calling him a ‘poor man’. .

During a meeting with then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson in June 2021, the late monarch gave her stark advice.

Johnson began: “Your Majesty”, as the Queen greeted him: “It’s very nice to see you again.”

“Nice to see you again, it’s been 15 months,” noted the former Tory leader.

The Queen asked: ‘Does he really have it? It’s extraordinary, isn’t it? »

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Hancock replied, “I hope so. If I can use that to detach myself a bit and just be me, that’s better.

“But I imagine it wouldn’t have gone well at all at home?” You have to expect that,” the newsreader replied.

“Because Parliament is still sitting, we’re not on vacation, you know.”

The MP assured him: “I sincerely think that because we now have a kind of stability that is…”

“We had stability for five minutes, Matt,” Charlene replied.

Hancock replied, “Rishi is great, he’ll be fine.”

“But can you understand if people are not very happy at home?” The TV star demanded to know.

Hancock admitted: “I understand that. But I also… of course I understand that, don’t I. But I also think that sometimes you have to do things differently.

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