This woman was reportedly drunk and took a police car to a drive-thru

Elizabeth Jean Moore, 41, was accused of having a little too much and then borrowing her friend’s husband’s police car to go on a fast food run, New York Daily News reports. Moore reportedly had a blood alcohol level of 0.11 (0.08 is the legal limit) when she drove the police car to a local Arizona Jack-in-the-Box with the cop’s wife and two 12 year olds in the back seat.

Moore was arrested after turning on the car’s siren in the drive-thru, apparently to impress fast-food workers. The unnamed deputy’s wife claims the cop whose car they took was unaware that it was being used to pick up burgers.

If you’ve been drinking and need fatty food, just order pizza instead of breaking the law inside a car you borrow from someone who will stop you for breaking the law.

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