Tribute to Memorial Day with the USAA partnership

Memorial Day weekend has arrived. Americans across the country and around the world will prepare to fire up the grill and spend time together in honor of the holiday. But as Taye Diggs reminds us, Memorial Day, which falls on May 31 of this year, is above all a time of reflection and of thanks to those who serve in the military and who lost their lives in the exercise of their functions.

Hidden Remote met with Diggs to discuss their partnership with USAA for their Memorial Day campaign educating Americans about the importance of vacations and how they can honor fallen visiting service members while visiting

The campaign aims to provide visitors with a variety of ways to celebrate Memorial Day while keeping those who give their lives in military service at the forefront of their minds. From digital tributes to a craft project for kids, this is a campaign the whole family can participate in.

Diggs shared his own tribute to his father, Jeffries Leo Diggs, on Instagram. He planted a poppy in his memory and expressed his thanks to all who served.

In our shoot, Diggs also teased what’s going on with Billy as the All American season 3 finale and gave us a little bit of what’s in store for fans of The best man franchise that will end with a limited series titled The best man: the final chapters on Paon.

Discover the interview with FanSidedby Sabrina Reed below!

Taye Diggs talks honoring Memorial Day, provides tea on All American and The Best Man: The Final Chapters

Hidden remote control: Memorial Day is upon us, which means a lot of Americans are cooking their grill menu together. They think about their barbecues, spend time with their families, but the holidays also have a deeper meaning. Not just with the community of people we come together with, but also to honor the fallen servicemen. So what does Memorial Day mean to you?

Taye diggs: Thanks for asking. I had a father who served so early in my life that I was taught to respect that vacation. Obviously always have fun, but we’ve all learned to respect and remember what this holiday is all about. I am very grateful to my father for taking the time to review this with us.

He’s no longer with us, but that’s one of the reasons I partnered with USAA to lead an effort for everyone, in the midst of all the swimming and barbecuing, to leave a digital tribute to the people you know or not. , just people who have given so much even of their lives for this country we live in.

Hidden remote control: If you don’t mind me asking, in what branch did your father serve?

Taye diggs: Air Force.

Hidden remote control: Air Force ?

Taye diggs: Yes ma’am. Oh, before I forget. People can go to to leave those digital tributes. It was news to me, I guess during World War I the poppy became the symbol of remembrance of those people who gave so much. So last week I took a little time and planted my own little poppy and thought about my Pops and all the people who have given so much for what we can so easily take for granted.

It’s easy to get carried away – I love vacations, have always loved them but I think you just have to remember what vacations are. It doesn’t have to take away the fun you have, but you know it is very easy to stray from what this vacation really means. So I’m really grateful to the USAA for allowing me to team up with them to remind people.

Hidden remote control: Yes, the poppy is a beautiful flower, and it is a nice symbol to remember the military personnel that we have lost in various wars since the First World War. In fact, I love my past. He jumps really well.

In fact, I was fortunate enough to check out the website myself. I like the different things you can do. Like the digital tribute you mentioned. Teach children by creating a poppy flower themselves through arts and crafts. I wish it was possible to see the poppy wall mural in DC this year. It is not, but digital is very beautiful with the historical facts that you mentioned.

Taye diggs: Yes, 100 percent. It’s always great to take the time and get in touch with those other people who share this situation where a loved one has served and may not be with us anymore. It’s a great bond. Like I said before, it’s good to take the time to remember, that’s all. I don’t want to be bossy but because of my personal experiences I just think it’s great mostly [for] young people.

I have an 11 year old son. He’s exactly the age he’s actually listening, and I can see him understand it. He is now on the path I took when I was younger. That moment when you realize, oh, there is respect. When you realize that there are people who have given so much of themselves, then you can be who you are. It was great to watch those wheels turn and [have] he gets it.

Hidden remote control: Understand the seriousness of it.

Taye diggs: 100 per cent. It’s not lost on him, so selfishly this was a great moment for me.

Hidden remote control: It was good that you could share that with him and talk about your father too. Which I think is a great way for people, as you mentioned, to make a video, whether it’s for a military member they knew, a family member, or just talking about the troops and everything they give to American citizens around the world, and here, and protecting us while they serve.

Taye diggs: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Hidden remote control: Well you know I can’t let you go without getting some information on All American which is one of my favorite shows on The CW. It’s excellent. We’re getting to the Season 3 finale soon, so can you tell us what’s up with Billy?

Taye diggs: He’s been everywhere. He’s been in rough waters. There is going to be a moment of calm, a moment of peace where it seems all of his work, and all of his stress, it all paid off. And then he’s going to be hit by a tidal wave, and it’s going to affect everyone.

Hidden remote control: Oh, so you’re going to break our hearts so that’s what you’re telling me.

Taye diggs: I don’t know to break hearts, but it’s like – ah, I can’t say. It’s a bit of a betrayal in so many words. This can be seen as betrayal, and it forces Billy to re-evaluate everything.

Hidden remote control: Okay, well I’ll take this nugget of info, and I’ll prepare for what will happen to Billy. One last question because it is about The best man: final chapters which is in development so i know you can’t tell us too much but should we expect?

Taye diggs: I think another marriage. I think, if I’m honest. Yeah, that’s all I can say. Another marriage. We shoot in a sunny location. I think it’s a destination. I read the script so long ago and now everyone is stuck in schedules and trying to figure out when we can all do this thing. But, it’s gonna be awesome. This one is going to be very, very funny.

Hidden remote control: Well, I’m very excited. So we have a betrayal on the bridge in All American and then we have a destination wedding for The Best Man: Final Chapters. That sounds good.

Taye diggs: Okay, you have the goods. Do you have the … it’s called tea? How do you call this?

Hidden remote control: It’s called tea. I have tea.

Taye diggs: You have tea.

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