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UK ISP options on Openreach’s FTTP broadband network – 2022

We have returned today to sum up most of the top UK consumer ISP choices on Openreach’s new fiber to the premises (FTTP)”Ultra fast” (100Mbps+) high-speed network, which is currently available to 8 million homes and businesses – growing to 10 million by the end of this year.

The market today is replete with alternative full fiber optic networks, but Openreach remains the largest open access provider of this type of infrastructure, and as such, none of the major internet service providers can afford to ignore operator’s significant commitment to build – this will ultimately secure its position as the largest FTTP network in the UK.

REMARK: BT is investing £15bn to ensure Openreach’s full fiber covers 25m premises in the UK by December 2026 (6.2m in rural or semi-rural areas). Construction is expected to peak at around 75,000 premises per week (currently around 59,000).

Still, many consumers still don’t know what their choices are, so we’ve pulled out some of the most user-friendly Openreach-based options from our Lists of UK ISPs to help. This guide is not intended to be an exhaustive list, just a reasonably considered list.

In order to narrow down this list, we’re only going to cover ISPs that offer plans based on Openreach’s cheapest 100Mbps+ class.ultra-fast broadband» Packages – at affordable prices for consumers. Most providers generally adopt their 160 Mbps download level (30 Mbps upload), but others choose the 115 Mbps (20 Mbps) or even 110 Mbps (15 Mbps) plan instead. Vendors that do not offer these plans were excluded.

ISP options on the Openreach FTTP network

The following table excludes some of the more expensive enterprise-focused providers (e.g. those above £100+), as well as those where key plan details were missing, did not clearly state whether their prices included VAT, or where we could not determine if the packages were even based on Openreach. We have not commented on the quality of service of these providers, so the list below should NOT be considered a table of recommendations.

Another thing to note is that we are not highlighting any of the other value-added features that may come with these packages, such as cloud backup, static IP addresses, Wi-Fi hotspot access. Public Fi and telephone services, etc. The table below is meant simply as a quick guide to broadband, categorized by price.

REMARK: All plans include unlimited data usage except for AAISP where we used their 5 terabyte option. Some ISPs reduce the price for their first contract term, so for those we put the post-contract price in brackets. Data is as of early August 2022.

Superfast UK ISP Plans (100Mbps) – Openreach

The above list has excluded a number of vendors for different reasons. For example, SAQ, CIX, Giant, Your Coop, and ZYBRE weren’t included because they didn’t seem to offer a 100 Mbps class plan (ie between 100 Mbps and up to 199 Mbps). In other cases, we couldn’t be sure that the vendor’s packages were based on Openreach.

On top of that, a few ISPs also didn’t show key package or pricing details for Openreach-based services (e.g. Voice Host) and others were excluded because you couldn’t take them without bundle them into a mobile service (e.g. Utility Warehouse). . Also, Green ISP was kicked out because their online ordering system has been closed to new orders for a long time (blamed on the pandemic, but it never came back).

However, a quick look back at our original articles from 2021 (here) and 2019 (here) reveals that prices for Openreach’s 100-160 Mbps tiers have generally come down, and often by a lot. For example, in 2019 Giganet charged £65 per month for its 160Mbps tier, but today the same plan costs just £32 – that’s a fairly common theme above. Competition and Openreach’sEquinox“The discounts helped, but prices were falling before that.

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