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US Sanctions Hezbollah’s ‘International’ Funding Network

The Biden administration on Friday issued sanctions targeting an international financial network benefiting Hezbollah, the political and military group based in Lebanon and designated as a terrorist organization by the United States.

The sanctions target three individuals and 10 companies that the administration says participated in actions to evade primary sanctions against Hezbollah in order to raise funds for the terror group through the international financial system.

“These financial facilitators have helped Hezbollah obtain funds through corporate networks that disguise themselves as legitimate businesses,” the secretary of state said. Antoine BlinkenAntony BlinkenDemocrats call on Biden administration to make it easier for at-risk Afghans to enter the United States said in a statement. “The sanctions-busting efforts of those named today are a stark example of how Hezbollah abuses the international financial system to fund its acts of terrorism and illicit activities. »

Those sanctioned include Hezbollah members based in Lebanon, including Adnan Ayad, who allegedly runs an international network of businesses; his son Jihad Adnan Ayad, a Hezbollah member who is also associated with his father’s business.

The Treasury also sanctioned Ali Adel Diab, the son of sanctioned Hezbollah member Adel Diab and director and partner of the Zambia-based company Hamer and Nail Construction, which the United States has also sanctioned for providing material or financial support. to the sanctioned persons.

The other sanctioned companies include eight companies based in Lebanon, one in Germany and an additional company in Zambia.

“Today’s action exposes and targets Hezbollah’s misuse of the international financial system to raise and launder funds for its destabilizing activities as the Lebanese people suffer during an unprecedented economic crisis in Lebanon,” he said. said Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson in a statement.

“The Treasury is committed to disrupting Hezbollah’s illicit activities and is trying to evade sanctions through business networks as the group doubles down on its corrupt patronage networks in Lebanon.

The sanctions issued Friday build on similar moves announced earlier this week, when the Treasury Department announced sanctions against three Lebanese businessmen and a Lebanese tourism company for financially supporting Hezbollah.

The United States designated Hezbollah a Foreign Terrorist Organization in 1997 and a Specially Designated Global Terrorist Organization in 2001.

Despite its designation as a foreign terrorist organization, the Lebanon-based group, which is backed by Iran, plays an outsized role in the Lebanese government and military.

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