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Vandalized church in Punjab, pastor’s vehicle set on fire after ‘forced conversion’ accusation

On camera: Vandalized church in Punjab, pastor’s vehicle set on fire after forced conversion charge |

Last night, a group of individuals from the Tarn Taran region of Punjab allegedly forced their way into a church and vandalized a statue of Jesus and Mary.

The pastor’s automobile was also set on fire by them. Footage from the scene shows the church statue damaged and the car engulfed in flames.

The incident occurred the same day that the Akal Takht Jathedar, the head of the Sikh religion’s highest temporal seat, issued a statement denouncing the “forced conversions” of Christian missionaries.

“So-called Christian missionaries have forcibly converted Sikhs through fraudulent practices. Sikhs and Hindus in Punjab are misled and converted. This is happening under the nose of the government. Although there are provisions in the law to reserve superstitious practices in the name of religion, no government is prepared to act against them (the missionaries) because of the policy of the vote banks,” he said yesterday. Giani Harpreet Singh in a Facebook live video statement.

The incident is considered to be the result of this claim; Sikh leaders have openly opposed alleged attempts at conversion by Christian missionaries in the region.

“Few high profile elements attempted to vandalize the idol of Jesus and set fire to a car at the church in Patti. We are investigating the matter and have vital clues. There were 4 people, we are behind the We hope to resolve it soon. FIR has been filed,” says RS Dhillon, SSP

Being a border state, Giani Harpreet Singh urged the Center to “deal with it quickly” after revealing that foreign funding was being used to support such religious initiatives in Punjab.

The incident happened in Thakarpur village of Tarn Taran district which is in the assembly seat of Patti.

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