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Vehicle lifter caught on camera investigates

Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh): Police have registered a robbery case against an unidentified person for the theft of a two-wheeler from the Hazeera community, police said on Friday. Police added that the accused had been filmed, which gave the investigation team a major lead.

According to the police, the complainant was identified as Devanshu Sharma, who had visited a pathology laboratory in the locality of Hazeera on Thursday for blood tests. He parked his two-wheeler in front of the pathology lab and walked inside. When he took the blood test, he walked out of the lab, only to find his two-wheeler was missing. Following this, Sharma approached the police who opened investigations.

During investigations, the police team searched CCTV footage for leads, through which, it was found that an unidentified man broke the handle lock of the two-wheeler and drove off . He comes back after two minutes and pushes the two-wheeler some distance, then starts it up and drives away with it.

The police became aware of the case and opened investigations to catch the accused.

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