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Vigilant farm animals: heroic rescue filmed


Dramatic footage has emerged online, capturing a fight to the death between a starving hawk and animals on Beets’ farm in the Netherlands.

A little hen was going about her own business on September 5, perhaps wondering if the hens or the eggs came first, when the vicious attack occurred.

In the viral video, a large hawk is seen diving into the farmyard with lunch in mind, targeting the strangler.

The carnivorous bird grabbed the terrified hen in its talons, trying to fly away with it.

A nearby rooster rushed to the aid of the chicken in an attempt to fight off the much larger bird and save his friend from certain death.

But the predator was too strong, and the angry, screaming rooster failed to intimidate him.

At this crucial moment, a brave goat named Bruin noticed the commotion and jumped into the action, charging into the floating melee.

With their combined horns and beaks, the crime-fighting couple managed to fend off the bloodthirsty bird.

Less than 20 seconds after his arrival, he dropped the hen and flew into defeat.

Farmer Jaap Beets said he heard the chaos but it was over so quickly he didn’t have time to intervene, according to Irish Post.

“I heard the animals screaming but it was too late to see the abuser so I checked the CCTV. It only took 17 seconds between the appearance and disappearance of the falcon, ”said Mr. Beets.

But once he viewed the footage, the 59-year-old farmer was impressed with how his cattle had protected each other.

“I was so proud of the rooster and goat jumping to defend our chicken,” Mr Beets said, adding that he was relieved his hen survived.

She suffered minor injuries and was back to herself within days.

“The other birds gathered and kept him company,” Mr. Beets said.

His property is located in Gederland, a Dutch province in the east of the country, along the border between Germany and the Netherlands.

This is not the first time that his animals have encountered predators.

“In the seven years that I have lived here, this is the third attack on our chickens,” he said.

“It was the second of a wood pigeon and the other was a hawk.”

The clip went viral online and was shared by news outlets in the Netherlands and around the world.

Reactions to the battle have been overwhelmingly in favor of the goat for its quick and heroic rescue.

Some have even commented that the little brown hen has better friends than most.

But a Twitter user played devil’s advocate. They shared an imaginative impression of how the hawk felt coming home empty-handed.

We almost feel sorry for the hawk – almost.

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