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Virginia Beach purchases more land for dome site redevelopment project

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Demolition of an old gas station at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront is expected to begin shortly after the city purchased it to make way for its Dome site redevelopment project.

The Virginia Beach Development Authority recently closed the 17th Street Automotive and Exxon gas station at 312 Virginia Beach Boulevard for $ 2.8 million, according to a city spokesperson. It is the second property purchased in the past year as part of the Atlantic Park development estimated at $ 330 million.

The project – which will primarily encompass land that for 36 years until 1994 housed the Virginia Beach ‘Dome’ – will be anchored in a giant surf park, but will also include an indoor and outdoor entertainment venue of nearly 6 000 people, shops, restaurants, offices and residential units.

Supported in part by the music superstar and originally from Virginia Beach Pharrell williams, the project is the largest public-private partnership in Virginia Beach history.

The gas station site is in addition to Dominion Energy’s 18th Street electrical substation that was purchased by the city for $ 3.7 million last year. In the deal, the city will help the Dominion decommission the facility in exchange for $ 1 million in utility relocation credits.

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In a presentation to the Resort Advisory Commission Thursday afternoon, Mike Culpepper, who leads the private development of the project as a managing partner with Venture Realty Group, said the land purchased will be the 25,000 square foot site of ” experiential retailing “. . “

Experiential retail is often defined as a physical business that has immersive, interactive, and technology-enhanced elements.

Culpepper said they are currently in talks with a tenant.

Current sketch of the development of Atlantic Park. (Courtesy: City of Virginia Beach)

Culpepper also revealed new sketches of the layout of the project, which is slated to open in spring 2022 and open by summer 2023.

He said he is still convinced that having a wave lagoon in a beach atmosphere will be successful. boost tourism and improve the resort’s image.

“We now have four wave garden coves open and operational. And what we have learned from these experiences is not just the operational and great fun surf park. It also produced more revenue than expected, more users than expected and more energy than expected, ”Culpepper said.

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