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Vitex Solves Critical Transceiver Sourcing Issue for Leading Network Test Company

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, January 16, 2022 –(– Vitex, a leading fiber optic module supplier, recently announced that it has successfully secured a hard-to-find transceiver for a testing company leading network. This success underscores their extensive capabilities to offer customized solutions to their many customers in the data communications and telecommunications industries as well as their ability to service a range of applications to meet growing business needs.

The customer urgently needed to get this module quickly but was unable to get the product. Vendors had phased out the 3.1G transceiver they needed in favor of more popular and cost-effective faster modules.

The Vitex product team immediately studied their technical specifications. Vitex was able to quickly source the product from its extensive network of international partners and put samples in the hands of the customer for testing and validation. The entire end-to-end process, from customer request, product identification, module testing and delivery, took just six weeks.

“Vitex was very responsive and worked with us to secure inventory,” according to the customer’s hardware engineering manager who also praised Vitex’s technical expertise, logistical capabilities and capacity. respond immediately to their needs.

The successful acquisition of the transceiver highlights the continued growth of Vitex’s network of pre-qualified suppliers, the company’s deep technical expertise, vast resources and ability to tailor solutions to customer needs . With many manufacturers focusing on 40G, 100G and even higher speeds, lower speed transceivers are becoming hard to find.

Craig Polk, Product Manager at Vitex, explained how Vitex was able to help. “These networks are disappearing, but they are still needed. There are millions of customers on legacy systems and test equipment companies need to support 3rd, 4th or 5th generation equipment. In order to help this customer, we needed to verify that the product we were offering was compatible with their technology and verify it across multiple channels. Vitex, a smaller, more nimble, customer-focused company with decades of industry experience, was uniquely positioned to handle this. We can provide solutions for businesses that newer larger companies may not be equipped for. »

As on-the-go data demands weigh heavily on mobile networks around the world, forcing businesses to upgrade, they scramble to support the technology they already have with specialized products they need fast.

About Vitex
Vitex is a leader in providing high performance solutions for fiber optic communications. The company offers local, US-based technical support and provides customers with a product team with decades of engineering experience. Since 2003, Vitex, headquartered in New Jersey, has worked with an array of high quality manufacturers in Asia to serve customers in North America.

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