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Watch: Children filmed breaking into western Sydney burger shop


A group of five young people walking through Parramatta in the early hours of Friday morning were filmed breaking into a Flipp Burgers store and making off with the cash.

CCTV footage captures the group making their way into the store and even filming themselves as they steal around $2,000.

In the video above, watch the teens break into the burger shop

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Footage appears to show a group of five believed to be teenagers testing the locks of closed restaurants along Church Street in Parramatta around 4am on Friday when they pull up to the door of Flipp Burgers.

The group then appears to take turns attempting to force entry into the store.

They are seen first pushing on the glass, then ramming the door with their shoulders and hitting it with a large stick, before finally kicking the door which they then crawl through.

Once inside, they are seen jumping over the counter, helping themselves to drinks from the fridge before getting to work on the cash register which is said to have contained approximately $2,000.

The two boys, who seemed to be taking the lead in forcing entry, cut the cord connecting the crate and carried it away with them.

They were back outside on Church Street in just four minutes.

The group took turns attempting to force entry into the store, eventually punching an entry hole in the glass door. Credit: 7NEWS
The group crawled inside one by one and were back on Church Street in just four minutes. Credit: 7NEWS
The two boys cut the crate containing $2,000 and fled. Credit: 7NEWS

The store had only been open for four months, but had to close for a day to repair the damage.

Shop owners Mohamed Elchami and Sal Derbas told 7NEWS they would not press charges if the money was returned and damages paid.

“They’re just a bunch of kids, trying every door,” Elchami told 7NEWS.

“We feel sorry for them, we feel bad for them, we hope they come back and apologize – we can work it out together.”

Derbas told 7NEWS that the children “just did what they wanted”.

“It’s our business, we earn money with this business and we feed our families.

“I don’t expect that from kids that age.

“I have young children myself, and it’s an act that I wouldn’t want any other child to do,” Derbas said.

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