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With a heated dome overhead, warm temperatures are making a comeback for the Ozarks

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Summer heat is catching up with us! Temperatures so far in July have remained below average. Our average high temperature at this time of year is 90 degrees, we haven’t been near that for quite some time.

July 9 was the last time temperatures reached 90 degrees. With 19 of the last 20 days where temperatures have been cooler than average, you can tell we’ve been lucky.

Temperatures Mainly lower than the July average(KYTV)

The heat will soon catch up with us. A higher level ridge will build above this week. This ridge will push the jet stream, which powers our climate, north into Canada. As the ridge remains solid, a heated dome will remain in place. This heated dome acts like a cover, trapping heat on the surface.

Heat of the building for the end of July(KYTV)

Let’s look at the outlook! The six to ten day temperature outlook, which takes us through the end of the month, puts most of the United States in an above-average temperature region. All because of this high building pressure. With the high pressures, we will have little chance of rain as the end of the month approaches. This will quickly dry out the vegetation.

Heat of the building for the end of July
Heat of the building for the end of July(KYTV)

Phew! You look hot. That’s not all. The outlook heading into the first week of August also looks warm, with the same areas experiencing above average temperatures. The upper level ridge appears to remain stagnant for some time and will continue to act as a cover, with temperatures heating up below. Moreover, the chances of rain before the first week of August also seem slim.

Warm temperatures until August
Warm temperatures until August(KYTV)

Lack of rain is a double-edged sword. While the rain would help keep the grass green and the foliage growing, it would also add moisture to the atmosphere, thereby increasing humidity. Maybe if that heat ends up being dry heat, it will be tolerable.

With the heated dome on top, examine for signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and prepare to spend several days by the pool or lake.

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