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Woman crashes scooter at gas pump, injures two

The entire episode was captured on gas pump CCTV

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Now a new video has surfaced on social media capturing an accident. It shows a woman who appears to be learning to ride a scooter crashing into a gas station attendant. The scooter also pushes another two-wheeler due to which the rider loses his balance and falls. The entire episode was captured on CCTV from a gas pump.

CCTV footage of the incident showed the driver handing the scooter over to the girl just before she lost control and suddenly crashed her scooter into the attendant and another woman at the service station. The video was posted to Reddit by user u/frosted_bite, with the caption “How do these people end up with a license”.

Watch the video here:

Shortly after falling off the scooter, the woman is seen getting up and talking to her companion as if nothing had happened. The video was posted 6 hours ago and the post received 202 comments and 9,800 upvotes.

On the forum, many users criticized the man for not having turned off the bike before handing it over to the learner. “Father’s mistake in not turning off the bike before handing it over to his daughter.” Another user wrote, “But she wasn’t driving, she’s just a little girl. The parent idiot came down and held out his hand for her to go ahead. A third comment read: ‘I bet it’s a kid. She cannot have a DL.

A few months ago, another accident was captured in a video. It shows a woman and her passenger falling off a scooter in the middle of the road but blaming the motorcyclist behind them for the accident. The entire episode was recorded on a body camera.

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